Posted on January 6, 2018

2018 Is A Year Of Change

After a great year of lessons and so many opportunities to do what I love I’m ready to dive back into the thick of blogging, while establishing time boundaries.

I shared a bit on Instagram but December is the mother of all months for bloggers, and rightfully so. It’s the main selling event for businesses and brands to get their products out there just in time for the Christmas rush.

And while it’s the busiest time for bloggers I found as a mother all my time was sucked into monitoring social media and scrolling meaninglessly through Instagram.

This year will be different, I will set boundaries on my time with social media and will be planning some awesome new content that follows our family’s journey with moving later in the year – if you have any tips on moving please give me a shout!

And thank-you so much to those who completed my blogging survey on Instastories! It was so helpful to see what content you come here to read.

I know you rely mainly on social media to know when I have a new blog post or giveaway up, but it would be so amazing if you could take a second to join my email newsletter. It would make my day and I promise not to spam you!

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