Posted on December 13, 2017

3-4 Month Old Baby Activities: What Can I Do With My Baby?

Welcome to life as a parent (for the first, second, third, or so-forth time)! The earliest parts of parenting has passed – birth and the newborn stage – and now you have a 3-4 month old baby.

They (hopefully) sleep longer, eat less frequently, and are more alert.

But what are you to do with them now that they stay awake longer?

3-4 Month Old Baby Activities Edmonton Canada Lifestyle Blogger3-4 Month Old Baby Activities Canadian Mom Lifestyle BloggerAden & Anais Pink Flower Dream Blanket Canada Mom Bloggermoses basket | dream blanket | sleep sack | plush bunny toy3-4 Month Old Baby Activities Edmonton Canada Mom Blogger With 3 Children

Here are a few things to entertain your 3-4 month old baby, because are we not simultaneously novice entertainers and walking buffets?

Nobody tells you this before you have children

  1.  Facetime: Get close, but not too close, find their comfort zone. Your baby loves talking and listening, and you’re their favourite voice to listen to! Stuck on a topic of conversation? Tell them about your favourite movie or show’s plot line. All babies will be different, but if yours starts babbling back to you listen and when they stop you resume. And if you have children let them chat with their sibling. You’re teaching them the art of conversation!
  2. Tummy Time: It’s the bain of every new parents existence… Newborn’s hate it but as a parent you know it’s good for them so you make them do it anyway (prepare to do this a lot in the upcoming years). In the first few months roll a towel or blanket up under their chest to prop their torso up, then lay down beside them and try to get their attention with your face or a toy to make them strengthen their back muscles. The stronger they become the faster they will be rolling, crawling, sitting, and more.
  3. Activity Gym: With 3 children I love the activity gym! Each time you lay your baby down you can change the configuration of the sensory toys. Whether it’s a rattle at their feet so when they kick it makes noise, or a soft ring for them try to grab just out of reach – your baby is learning to grab with their hands, bring their feet up, and tuck in their chin. And having an endless amount of connector rings is a necessity!
  4. Karaoke: Sing it up! I have a weak voice, especially when I hit those high notes… but your baby thinks your singing is the most beautiful sound in the world. So pick a song whether it’s a nursery rhyme or the lastest top 40 hit, and sing your heart out to your little one.
  5. Master Puppeteer: Don’t worry this time you don’t have to get up, you’re going to pass your smooth moves onto your baby. By moving your baby’s arm for them you’re bringing them awareness of that body part – gently bend her elbow and straighten it again. See how they react to the movement, go on and do it for their legs too!

Your baby adores your loving touch, just being near you is a comfort to them.

But it also helps to have a few 3-4 month old baby activities in your back pocket in case they become restless, you know how babies love to do that!

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