Posted on January 25, 2018

8 Things To Do In Gilbert, Arizona With Kids

8 Things To Do In Gilbert, Arizona With Kids

My family loves visiting Arizona. You have the heat of Mexico with the comfortable amenities of home all in one location!

Not only is it hot in Arizona, it is relatively inexpensive to fly from Canada (if you just bring 1 or no checked bags). 

For all 5 of us to fly, that would be 2 adult tickets and 2 child tickets and 1 infant on lap ticket, we could fly round trip for $1150 CAD. Compared to a family vacation to Pueto Rico which the flights would cost us $2300 CAD.

But in this blog post I’m not sharing why we love going to Arizona, I want to share what we did in Gilbert, Arizona during our last couple trips!

Fun Activities For Families To Do Around Gilbert, AZ

  1. Grab a coffee & tour Agritopia: I don’t know how to describe the Gilbert Agritopia other than it is such an unique community! And I wish we had known about the tours of the Gilbert Agritopia (they happen every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 10:00am), but we still were able to appreciate the beauty of their Biblical Garden while sipping on our “monsoon slushes”. It’s a stunning place to grab a coffee and enjoy a nice walk with your children.
  2. Swimming: It may sound simple but if you can find an AirBnB or hotel with a pool your kids will be entertained all week. Fortunately, Matt’s parents have a vacation home in Arizona (our girls call it the “pool house”) and the pool is where our girls spend most of their day.
  3. Sports Game: Thankfully the Phoenix area has so many sport teams and games to watch – there is baseball, hockey, football, volleyball, basketball. There are so many options depending on your budget!
  4. Top Golf: I was hesitant about taking the girls to Top Golf the first time, but it ended up being an awesome time! We have nothing like Top Golf in Canada let alone Edmonton. It’s similar to a driving range but it’s a fun twist on whacking a ball. At the time Abigail was 1 year old and Annaliese was 3 years old, we had Abigail sit in the stroller the whole time and then Annaliese took a turn hitting the ball. TIP: Request the lowest level for peace of mind with younger kids. 
  5. Outlet Malls: We loved walking around the outdoor Phoenix Premium Outlet mall or San Tan Village during the weekdays because it’s basically empty. The girls could walk around freely while Matt & I window shopped or stopped for a coffee.
  6. Indulge In Amazing American Fast Food: Let’s name off all the delicious restaurants that the US has and Canada does not – Chick Fil-A, Dunkin Donuts, Sonic’s Drive-Thru, P.F Changs, In-N-Out, Jack N’ The Box, White Castle. Sometimes I wish I lived closer to the border…
  7. Stock Pile BoSa Donuts Every Morning: I had never heard about BoSa Doughnuts and I don’t know if they are a Phoenix thing or an America thing, but they are beyond delicious! Our top picks are the apple fritters, plain old fashion, and glazed twist.
  8. Hiking in the Desert: Hiking in Arizona is completely different than hiking in Canada. But it’s an awesome unique experience! Our favourite trails close to Gilbert are in San Tan Mountain Region Park. There are trails for all levels of experience and difficulty.

What’s your favourite family vacation spot?

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