Posted on September 21, 2017

A Mom’s Postpartum Body | Advice For Loving What You’ve Got

mom's postpartum body

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It’s no secret when you’ve previously experienced it, but postpartum bodies are challenging.

Challenging to accept, and challenging to dress.

Thankfully whenever I’m frustrated I have so many women to listen to my rants and give me encouragement back. Especially my mom blogger community, they know exactly what I’m going through:

I think my biggest tip would be to take your time and not rush into finding a style. I think style should be fun – sometimes it can take a while. Don’t rush it.” – Naya, Lactivist in Louboutins

 “Like birth, your body postpartum can be totally unexpected. Half the battle is accepting that ahead of time instead of placing expectations on yourself. Our body changes with each birth and with age, so how you looked after the first pregnancy may not be how you look this time around. It’s important to remember that you aren’t the same person as before you started this motherhood journey. You aren’t that other mom, either. You don’t know how she birthed or what battles she’s facing. You don’t have her genetics. You’re you, your child’s mother. You are the most beautiful being in the world to that child. See yourself the same way. Instead of insecurity, let confidence stem from what you’ve just accomplished, and continue to accomplish every day.” – Shari, Savvy Every Day

My biggest advice would be to let yourself heal and recover. It’s hard to look in the mirror (it was for me) and some days I would over do it. Your recovery will take twice as long if you don’t take it easy. Mine was much longer the second time around because I “felt” fine 2 days postpartum but my body was like “nope!” There is plenty of time to workout and eat healthy, but the first month(s) are about survival and getting into a groove with your new little person.” – Jessica, Grace & Ford

My advice is don’t let the smoke screen of social media cloud your confidence. Everyone is different, every mom is different, and every mom has different priorities. Some moms are in the gym 2 weeks later while others are focusing on nursing. At the end of the day, we’re all sitting on the couch with greasy hair and spit up on our shirt.” – Justine, Sunny In June

My biggest tip is to take it slow and don’t rush the process. I had my baby 4 months ago and there are days I look at my body and like “Why hasn’t my stomach snap back yet?” Even with working out and eating healthy, we carried our babies for 9 months. It may take up to a year to fully recover. And secondly is to love yourself! You carried a living breathing human being for 9 nine months and are now keeping the being alive on a sleep deprived body. Your a warrior mama. Don’t forget it!” – Angel, Perfectly Mixed Mama

For some moms their bodies take time, just know you’re not alone. God made your body to do miraculous things – like create life, and grow a baby!

Motherhood is emotional, tiring, overwhelming, amazing and wonderful. And there ain’t no hood like motherhood.

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