Posted on November 7, 2017

Adeline Orpha | Rustic Newborn Photography

I love the friendship that has budded between Melissa, of Bespoke Photography, and my family. We first met a year ago on a Christmas photo shoot, and then we collaborated on my baby announcement and baby gender reveal posts.

My sweet Adeline at 10 days old… and now she’s almost 3 months old! The days are mostly a blur in those first few weeks, but I’m so glad Melissa captured these newborn moments of Adeline.

Adeline has changed and grown a little everyday, where I don’t notice until I have to put her in 6 month sleepers and I wonder where her newborn sleepers went.

Adeline is such a sweet baby. You might have to work for her smile but once she starts she can’t stop smiling. She’s such a joy!

In the next few weeks I’ll be sharing her sleeping tips and tools, but if you have any specific questions on what I’ve been doing with her nap/sleep schedule comment below!

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