Posted on June 1, 2017

Why I Use Beautycounter? | Leading A Healthier Life With Natural Beauty Products | Moms With Babes Who Business

Beautycounter Consultant Edmonton: Become Part Of The Change For Better, Safer Beauty

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How cute is the packaging? I am in love with their rosy-gold packaging.

BeautyCounter Edmonton Event

It may not look like it but I have problem skin – I’ve had it all my life. My skin is extremely dry, sensitive, and acne-prone. 

In the past, I used skincare that was either for acne that used harsh chemicals to dry out the blemishes leaving my skin a flaky mess, or for dry/sensitive skin that doesn’t combat acne. It was a strange, never-ending battle.

Now? I use a range of natural skincare to balance and sooth my skin, with BeautyCounter as the core and majority of my skincare routine.

Majority? Core? Although I may love the brand and products, I don’t love all the products – which is completely normal because they carry an extensive line of skincare and makeup, and not all beauty products work the same for everyone.

As a blogger I have the opportunity to try and test out a lot of products, and I take great pride in writing my honest experiences for you to read. Creating that trust and transparency is so important to me.

So, what BeautyCounter products do I like? For the past 6 months I’ve been testing and sharing these ones, check it out:

Plumping Peony Skincare Set

Baby & Kids Body Skincare

Creating A Flawless Complexion | Makeup & Skincare

Pregnancy & Hormonal Skin Friendly Makeup

 And where can you buy it?

I enjoy their products so much I am now a BeautyCounter consultant in Edmonton & Surrounding Area (though if you live way outside Edmonton, don’t hesitate to reach out!), and no you won’t see me contacting y’all through Instagram with “copy & paste” scripts to hound you down to join or try the products (anyone else receive random messages from random people trying to sell you random crap, or is that just me?). 

Essentially I want you to love the products just like I do. I’ve had so many people ask me how do I order BeautyCounter? And you can now send me an email/Facebook/Instagram message and I can help you with that! Better yet, maybe we can get coffee and chat (if you’re in the Edmonton area).

Using BeautyCounter is a stepping stone to leading a healthier life, just check out The Never List that bans 1 500 questionable or harmful chemicals from BeautyCounter products.

Canada has done a good job processing new products/chemical ingredients and updating the Canada Cosmetic Ingredient Hotlist (which includes prohibited chemical ingredients and restricted) – while unfortunately in the United States many of those prohibited/restricted ingredients are still allowed in U.S products. The beauty safety standards are skewed.

We worry about substances we put in our bodies like gluten, dairy, sugar, fat, drugs, alcohol, chemicals – but it is also extremely important to watch what we put on our skin. You wouldn’t ingest chemicals like formaldehyde? So why would you apply products to your skin with those chemicals in it? There are safer options available, and it’s my mission to educate you on what those safer options are.

I want to thank these two moms with babes who business for hosting a BeautyCounter social event this past weekend; Dallas, whom I’ve known and grown with over the past few years as moms and bloggers; Tara, who I just met but can’t wait to get to know more.

So, my friends, keep your eyes peeled for sales and fun, social events coming up this year!

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