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Best 2018 Digital Cameras For Kids Under $100

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The cool part about raising kids is that even though they have the same parents and have been parented the same(ish), they are completely different in personalities and interests. And it’s even more fascinating when their interests mirror your own – like my love of cameras and photography!

Annaliese (my 4-year-old) has taken up the interest of photography recently. At first it started with wanting to use Matt or my phone’s camera, and over the last couple of months her interest in taking pictures has not weaned so we are going to invest into an intro digital point and shoot camera for her.

I did my research and I wanted to find her a digital camera with a decent screen on the back for photo and video playback.

To my surprise digital cameras for kids are not a huge thing, and I had to search around for a kid friendly camera that checked off and my requirements and that was inside the budget.

Maybe it will be the next new trend for mommy blogger’s children, since blogging has boomed over the last 5 years – and kids like to mimic their parents!

Anyways here are the top 6 digital cameras for kids under $100:

  1. VTech Kidizoom Camera Pix $74 CAD | If your child is under 4 years old, this is a fun option for a digital camera! It has the ability to take photos from the front or with the selfie mode, take photos with cute collages and filters, take videos and voice recordings, and there are 4 built-in games for endless entertainment. It comes with a built-in memory card, but if you want to expand the camera’s memory you can add in your own micro-SD card.
  2. Mini Digital Camera for Kids $35 CAD | This is the cutest little camera ever! And from the images and description it is tiny, so it’s great for little hands. It’s kind of a wild card, because it is so tiny (65 X 40 X 16mm or 2.6 X 1.6 X 0.7 inch) and seems to be one of those products from China that could turn out awesome or turn out to be a dud. Either way for $35 I would check it out!

  3.  Handheld Camera & Camcorder $30 CAD | I love that this camera is more simple to use – it is ergonomic for little hands and has the straight forward functions of a camera and video recorder. It has a soft silicone protective shell that makes it durable and protects the camera when dropped. 
  4. Sports Action Camera With Waterproof Case $40 CAD | Does your kids want a camera that will keep up with them? This waterproof action camera comes with 2 mounts for either a skateboard or a bike. It also comes with a waterproof case (up to 6 feet underwater), cool filters, frames, and most importantly (as a mom) a rechargeable battery! 
  5.  Waterproof, Dust-Proof Kids Camera $74 CAD | This bright yellow camera has an awesome 4X zoom for your child to take an interest in nature photography or if they want to get up close and personal in their portrait taking… so watch out, Mama! Otherwise this camera is also great for taking on vacation for underwater shots, and has padding on the edges to cushion it from falls.
  6. Polaroid iSO48 Waterproof Digital Camera $60 | Not only is this digital camera waterproof (up to 3 meters underwater), it is dust-proof and freeze-proof! Something that is a must when you live in freezing temperatures, like myself.  It captures crisp details and brilliant colours in both photos and videos – perfect for your upcoming photographer. (P.S. This is the camera we got Annaliese! In case you are curious.)

Many people inquired earlier why I did not get her a traditional Polaroid Camera, the one that comes with instant film, and that is because the film alone can cost between $0.89-$1.00 per photo. And from my observation Annaliese has a trigger happy finger when it comes to taking photos! So while it’s a super fun option it was not in my budget and I don’t think it’s the best camera for a preschooler.

Is your child interested in photography?

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