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Posted on April 19, 2017

Fresh Spring Skincare | Sensitive, Dry Skin Products | Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Line

Canadian beauty blogger Canadian beauty blogger Canadian beauty blogger clarins hydra-essentiel

Canadian beauty blogger

 My skin changes multiple times on it’s own during the year and never for the better. When the seasons change my skin’s moisture (that I work on so hard to balance and find a routine in) depleets and I’m left with tight, patchy, and sometimes scaly skin. Trust it me, makeup only makes it look worse.

Throw pregancy into the mix and those hormones will drive you crazy about your ever evolving skin!

This past month I switched out all my Winter heavy moisturizers and tried Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Intensive Moisture Quenching Bi-Phase Serum and Silky Cream. My skin seems plumper (especially around my eyes), smoother, and quenched. 

What do you do for your skin when the seasons change?

Edmonton Alberta Blogger

Posted on April 13, 2017

Brow Tutorial | How I Fill My Eyebrows With 1 Product

The Ultimate All-In-One Product For Filling In Brows

Honey & Betts Youtube Brow Tutorial

  Filling in your brows is an art not a science. Some of us are blessed with full brows that need shaping, some of us are blessed with great brow shape that needs filling. Everyone’s different, and in my case I’m the latter of the two.

Thankfully I’ve found 1 product that I love that is easy to apply and creates the look I want. I’m always interested to know what brow products you use, so don’t be shy please comment below!

Products used:

Benefit Good Proof Eyebrow Pencil

Maybelline Almond Rose Matte Lipstick

Edmonton Alberta Blogger

Posted on April 1, 2017

Arizona Adventures | Maternity Summer Style | Bright & Bold

Summer Makeup 2017Summer Makeup 2017Summer Makeup 2017Summer Makeup 2017

maxi dress: Pink Blush | hat: Aritzia (similar ones here and here)| earrings: Stella & Dot | nail polish: Essie “Meet Me At Sunset” | lipstick: Maybelline “Pink Pop“, “Fuchsia Flash“, “Vivid Rose” 

The sun feels so good after a rough first trimeter during the winter. Though it’s technically Spring time here, it feels like Summer to me!

At some point this week Matt and I want to go thrift shopping, and check out a new coffee place every morning with the girls. Other than that we don’t plan on too much shopping, just playing with the girls in the pool and soaking up the Vitamin D.

Edmonton Alberta Blogger

Posted on March 31, 2017

Arizona Adventures | Maternity Summer Style | Stripes & Lace

Summer Makeup 2017

Summer Makeup 2017 Summer Makeup 2017 Summer Makeup 2017


top: Pink Blush | maternity shorts: Old Navy | sandals: Birkenstocks | necklace: Stella & Dot  (similar one here) | hat: Asos | purse: Winners (similar one here) | shadow palette: NYX Cosmetics | correcting palette: Maybelline | lip liquid: The Body Shop | lip gloss: The Body Shop | white eyeliner: The Body Shop 

Edmonton Alberta Blogger

Posted on March 28, 2017

Arizona Adventures | My Makeup Bag | Brilliantly Bronzed

Edmonton Beauty Blogger

Edmonton Beauty Blogger Faux Tan For Fair Skin Edmonton Beauty Blogger


It’s especially tempting for myself to lay in the sun all day with minimal or no sunscreen on because I want a beautiful tan that proved I went somewhere hot, but I know the damage it does.

Roasting my skin is not worth the irreversible damage of sun spots, saggy skin, sallowness, wrinkles, and skin cancer that can age you 10 years. Imagine looking like you are 10 years older than you truly are… that’s something I want to avoid.

So I fake it!

I always bring a gradual tanner on trips while I wear my wide brim hats, SPF 60 sunscreen, and stay in the shade I look the part of a bronzed, sun loving tourist.

Edmonton Alberta Blogger

Posted on March 12, 2017

How To Survive Staying In A Hotel | Travel Skincare Essentials

Dry Skin Travel Skincare Essentials

Edmonton beauty blogger travel skincare essentialstravel skincare essentials how to survive hotel Dry Skin Skincare

After spending the weekend in Lethbridge, Alberta (one of the windiest and driest cities in Alberta, especially during the winter) my skin felt like a raisin. I intentionally packed my only “ultra-hydrating” mask because I could tell it was going to be a rough weekend skinwise as soon as my girls wanted to go into the pool. The chlorine plus the dry hotel air made my skin a mess. I needed to make time to fix my skin with my travel skincare essentials that evening.

To fix my skin in the evening I washed my face with ice-cold water, gently exfoliated with just water and a face cloth. I applied the Pura Watermelon Mask then waited 10 minutes before washing it off. After I dried my face with a towel I applied first the Beauty Counter Face Oil and then Burt’s & Bees Radiance Night Cream.

The mask created this natural barrier for my skin and my skin instantly felt smoother after I rinsed it off. It smells great too – a lovely subtle watermelon scent.

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Edmonton Alberta Blogger

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