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Posted on July 30, 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale | Beauty & Bedroom Haul

How to find the best deals at Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I can’t get enough of these sales! All year long I debate and negotiate with myself to justify buying products for myself, and then when I see them for $90 off I know I cannot pass up such amazing deals. So, here I am again sharing with you what I ordered and what is still on my wishlist from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

I hope you find something that is exactly what you need for a little pick-me-up, retail therapy!

And if you’re wondering what the makeup mirrors, pink Clarisonic, and pink Foreo eye massager are – check out these links for what they do to transform your beauty routine!

| Bedroom |


| Beauty |

Edmonton Alberta Blogger

Posted on January 12, 2017

DIY Felt Flower Crown | Flower Girl Inspiration

How To Create Those Cute Etsy Felt Flower Crowns

Flower Girl Inspiration Flower Crown

You will need:

2-3 sheets of white felt

glue gun + sticks

headband of your choice

fabric scissors

rhinestones and dark green felt are optional

Flower Crown Tutorial

Felt Flower Crown DIY

Step One | Sit down, put an awesome movie on, get a drink, and prepare yourself to cut a lot of little flowers. The best part? The flowers you cut out DO NOT need to be perfect. The imperfections will be hidden in the folds.

I started by cutting the sheet into 3x 2 inch strips and then cutting those strips into 3 rectangles. Take the rectangle and cut a simple flower out.


If you are a math person the approximate amount of flowers you will be cutting out goes something like this:

Each BIG headband flower = 6 mini cut out flowers

Each filler headband flower = 2 mini cut out flowers

There were 3 big flowers + 4 filler flowers = 20 mini cut out flowers

DIY Felt Flowers

Step Two | After you’ve used the above diagram to create 3 big flowers from the little cut outs then it’s time to place and secure your flower placements.

I first centred one flower in the middle and then gave the width of my finger to measure the next flowers to the left and right of the centre.

Once you’ve glued those into place use the remaining cutout flowers to fill those gaps between the main flowers on the headband. I liked the look of adding two cutout flowers on the outside of the outer main flowers.

It created a fade effect for the headband, instead of 3 random honking flowers on top of my toddlers head.

OPTIONAL LEAVES | If you cut out leaves this is where you would add them into your arrangement.

Flower Girl Felt FLower Crown

Step Three | I added a piece of felt to secure all the bases, this also makes it so none of the flowers will snag when my toddler repetitively takes off and puts on this headband.

Flower Girl Sparkle Headband

OPTIONAL RHINESTONES | This headband was for a wedding so I wanted a bit of sparkle for the flower girl, so I tucked sticky rhinestones into the centres of the flowers. It’s super easy!

TA-DA! And you are done!

Flower Girl Flower HeadbandFlower Girl Outfit InspirationFlower Girl Looking At BrideFreshly Picked Moccs For Wedding Gold Moccs For Wedding

moccs: Freshly Picked (Platinum + Ivory) | flower girl dress: Nordstrom (similar one here)

Posted on December 15, 2016

Merry BLOGMAS | Holiday Decor | Christmas Table Setting Decor With Hester & Cook

red charger: Winners (similar ones here) | pine cone plate: Winners (I loves these ones too, here and here) | candy cane table runner: Hester & Cook | holly place mat: Hester & Cook | snowflake charm: Hester & Cook | gold banner place card: Hester & Cook | gold decor: Torre + Tagus | pine cone candle: Target | Christmas garland: Jae To The Wall | LED birch tree: Costco

This week our table has traded out the pure Hester & Cook gold table settings for lots of holiday patterns with traditional red and green! 

The warm details like gold banner place cards, cinnamon scented pinecones, gold leaves, antlers, tassel garlands, mule mugs make our apartment feel like a home when having guests over.  

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Posted on November 28, 2016

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot like Christmas | Beautiful Paper Table Settings With Hester & Cook

Hester & Cook Paper Table Settings Hester & Cook Paper Table Settings Hester & Cook Paper Table Settings Hester & Cook Paper Table Settings Hester & Cook Paper Table Settings Hester & Cook Paper Table Settings Hester & Cook Paper Table Settings Hester & Cook Paper Table Settings Hester & Cook Paper Table Settings Hester & Cook Paper Table Settings Hester & Cook Paper Table Settings Hester & Cook Paper Table Settings

I have a holiday decor obsession, if you can’t tell from the photos, that starts with a G and ends in OLD.

This Christmas I am setting our dinner table with beautiful paper placemats with gold wreaths, gold paper banners with our names written in gold ink, and a gold paper table runner with polkadots. And don’t let me forget to mention the many gold decorations…


There’s something regal and refined about gold that I love. And I found all my gold needs satisfied from Hester & Cook, available at their store or their many distributors in North America.

What is your decoration obsession during the Winter? Let me know in a comment below!

I can’t wait to show you soon the other beautiful table settings I have planned for our multiple Christmas meals. Stay tuned!



Posted on October 12, 2016

Edmonton Home And Garden Show | Ultimate Upcycle Challenge

Edmonton Home And Garden Show

DIY Canadian Blogger Edmonton Home Garden Show

First I wallpapered a desk and now I’m spray painting other furniture? I’ll admit this end table from Habitat For Humanity turned out quite nice! Can you imagine what it looked like originally? It was dark stained wood, with a scratched up top and sides. 

Thanks to Rust-Oleum Consumer Brands Canada spray paints I completely recreated this piece! It is completely unrecognizable from it’s original state. My initial description of it: masculine piece of junk. It was one of those pieces that you’re grandparents hoard in their house but it’s not worth anything because it’s made of particle board rather than solid wood.

Part of the fun of the challenge was that Southgate Centre gave each of the participants a runway fashion trend they needed to incorporate into their piece. Some trends were faux fur and patent leather, my was plaid.


Home Decor Blogger Edmonton Home Garden ShowHome Decor Blogger Edmonton Home Garden Show

 The few simple steps I took to remake this table were:

  1. Sand down
  2. Clean with pre-spray paint products
  3. Spray paint base colour in a well ventilated area
  4. Let dry, apply second coat
  5. Detail plaid and gold with fine tip paintbrush
  6. Apply contact paper to the top surface

Home Decor Blogger Edmonton Home Garden ShowHome Decor Blogger Edmonton Home Garden Show Home Decor Blogger Edmonton Home Garden Show

This table will be up for auction at the Edmonton Home And Garden Show October 21 – 23, 2016. All proceeds from the auction will go to Habitat for Humanity Edmonton! I hope to see you there!

Home Decor Blogger Edmonton Home Garden Show Home Decor Blogger Edmonton Home Garden Show

Home Decor Blogger Edmonton Home Garden Show Home Decor Blogger Edmonton Home Garden Show


Posted on August 17, 2016

DIY | Wallpapering A Desk | How To Make A Blogger-esque Work Space

How Wallpapering A Desk Will Transform Your Space

DIY Wallpaper Desk

How To DIY Wallpaper A DeskWoo! DIY project #1. We have had this cherry wood finish desk for 4 years in our home – and I have been wanting to refinish it since forever! The only problem? It is not solid wood making staining it impossible. So, why not wallpaper it?

This project took a total of 4 hours from start to finish. I will say it is a beginner DIY level, because let’s be honest I did completed it successfully. You will need:



Clear Wallcovering Adhesive



Wallpaper Smoother

Pasting Brush


Ruler/Measuring Tape


Clear Dry Erase Paint

Surface Sealer

DIY Wallpaper Furniture Tutorial

Step One | Cut the wallpaper. I cut 2 pieces for the edges that were exactly the length of the desk’s front and back sides. Then I cut the two top pieces that wrap around the side’s sides (does that even make sense?).

Make sure when you are dealing with the top pieces that you keep in mind the wallpaper’s pattern. With my Brewster’s White Crocodile the pattern has to matched up perfectly when laid side by side or you would notice the clash of pattern consistency.
diy tutorial on how to wallpaper furniture

Step Two | Sandpaper the desk. Make sure to sand down not only the top but the sides, back, and front. 

Apply the sides of the desk first - then the two top pieces with the larger one before the smaller.Steps to wallpapering a deskTips on how to DIY wallpapering your desk

Step Three | It’s time to lay down some wallpaper! First, you will be applying the front and back pieces. Use the pasting brush to apply the wallpaper adhesive to the desk. Depending on what kind of wallpaper you are using, some require you to apply the adhesive to the wallpaper (and then booking the wallpaper) or some require it applied to the desk with no fuss.

The Brewster wallpaper I used required no fuss at all so I applied the wallpaper adhesive to the desk, applied the wallpaper where I wanted it, then took the wallpaper smoother and smoothed any air out.

The wallpaper took 1 hour to dry before I started the next step.

diy tutorial

Step Four | I applied the surface sealer to harden, protect, and seal the wallpaper for future use of coffee cups, writing memos, and all that jazz. It took 1 hour to dry, and it dried to a matte finish.

Then I after the surface sealer I applied a layer of the Clear Dry Erase paint. It dried clear in 1 hour and now I have a perfectly usable dry erase desk top.


Things I have learned from the whole wallpaper experience:

Don’t use too much wallpaper adhesive. Less is more.

The sealer had a matte effect, something I didn’t realize but it didn’t ruin the project. 

Now for the best part – creating your personalized work space! Whether it’s from your day planner to your coffee mugs to your tablet to your office supplies. The world is your oyster!

For my office space I chose the white dream desk set, white monitor riser, and white ballpoint pens from Poppin (now available at Staples), and it creates a bright base for my blogging needs. The dream desk set comes with letter trays, medium accessory tray, notebook, stapler, tape dispenser, pen cup, flexible silicone trays, mouse pad, and jumbo memos.

Combine my desk set with gold mugs, fresh bouquets, tasty doughnuts, and floral iPhone cases – and that’s my blogger work space. 


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