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Posted on May 16, 2017

NUK #SimplyNatural Bottles + Hands Free Milk Collection Cups

This post is part of the YMC and NUK Canada Simply Natural #SimplyNatural sponsored program. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. All opinions are 100% my own. 

I love the bonding you experience when nursing your baby. It’s intimate, just you and your babe. I have exclusively breastfed both my babies, and hopefully plan to with our little baby arriving in August, but there are times when I need to pump – travel, sickness, pump & dump. Thankfully there are amazing, innovative products available for both breastfeeding and bottle feeding mother’s that are coming out year after year. 

This year I’m thrilled to try the NUK Simply Natural bottles, they’re designed to keep the natural feeding bond strong between mom and baby. Just like mom’s breast the bottle’s nipple is a similar shape with multiple holes for a natural feed.

I always feel uneasy offering a newborn a bottle especially the bottle’s who’s nipples look nothing like a mother’s, you never know if you’re going to give them nipple confusion, but the NUK Simply Natural bottles relieve my worries. The wide, flexible nipple provides a continuous latch when your baby is still learning how to nurse.

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Does anyone else own an electric breast pump? They’re the greatest for mother’s who plan to breastfed or pump. But with my electric pump it came with attachments I have to hold in place, just like a manual pump except all I’m doing is holding them.

Then I discovered NUK Freemie Breastmilk Collection Cups and they are going to change the way I pump – the leak proof collection cups are compatible with Philips Avent Dual Electric Breast Pump so you attach the tubes to the electric breast pump and slid the cups into your sports bra and voila! They do the rest of the work while the whole operation is concealed under your shirt. 

The first time I used my electric pump I could not believe I went a whole year casually pumping with a manual pump (though I will admit I find manual pumps are best for travel purposes). And I have a feeling the first time I pump with the collection cups AND my electric pump it’s going to blow my mind again. It’ll be revolutionary!

 Have you tried NUK Simply Natural bottles?

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Posted on May 13, 2017

5 Things That Happen When You’re Expecting Your 3rd Child | Real Life Mom Truths

When You're Expecting Your 3rd Child

photos by Bespoke Photography

When You're Expecting Your 3rd Child

  1. The morning sickness just might kill you. Prepare to stand your ground when your husband’s annoyed the daily housework is not done – that while you need to keep your other children fed and amused all day, your body is pumping a copious amount of pregnancy hormones that make you swear this is your last baby. But also try to take the high road, ladies! He has no idea what you’re experiencing.
  2. You wonder what you fussed about when you only had one child… oh, the glory days of just you and your wee baby bump. I know that this post partum recovery will be very different from the first time.
  3. You will bond more with moms who also have more than 1 child – you all understand each other’s daily struggles a little bit more. The constant refereeing, perpetual yelling, your high blood pressure, you know? The usual.
  4. If you were a stickler for strick nap schedules, all natural snacks, limited screen time, etc… you may find yourself saying “Eff it! We’ll do it live!” – aka. going with the flow to save your sanity and make it as easy as possible to survive until their bed time… 
  5. McDonald’s becomes your friend, and you embrace it. You’ll have a (hesitant) sense of pride when your kids know your order by heart: a medium iced coffee and 2 hash browns (YAY all day breakfast!).

Though I may sound like a Debbie Downer, there’s no greater joy than watching your children exchange hugs and kisses with each other (on their own). When you’re expecting your 3rd child also know that from my personal experience, the love I feel my my heart can hold overflows each time we bring a new baby into our family (I’m sure you know the exact feeling I’m talking about).

Being their mom is the best feeling in the world!

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Posted on May 12, 2017

We’re All So Excited & We Just Can’t Hide It! | Funny Things My 3 Year Old Says

Edmonton pregnant style blogger canada

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I never thought I’d ever share funny things my 3 year old says, but lately Annaliese has been hilarious and I need to share!

Leading up to this week Annaliese has been so excited for her new baby sister, until last night when I was tucking her into bed… she whispered in my ear as I gave her a hug and a kiss “give me a baby brother”.

I couldn’t help but laugh and ask her “what did you say?”. 

She giggled and then with a straight face said again “give me a baby brother”.

Well, sorry little girl! There’s no guarantee that you’ll ever have a brother, it’s going to always be a 50/50 split, but thanks for the (hesitant) laugh. 
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Posted on May 4, 2017

It’s a…. | Baby Gender Reveal

We’re having a…

photography: Bespoke Photography | cake: The Art Of Cake | cake topper: Justine Ma | cupcakes: Wild Rose Cakes | flower wall: Bespoke Paper Goods | macaron pops: Over The Top Cakes | flower crowns: Agora Floral | pink dresses: The Skinny 

We are having another girl! 

I’m not very good at keeping secrets so if you saw me in person and asked if we had announced yet (at that point we had already told our families) I flat out told you we are having a girl. And we could not be more happy! 

Annaliese predicted it from the beginning and she is so looking forward to having another baby sister. Abigail has no idea what’s going on but I think she’ll transition well from taking in how excited her big sister is.

So right now we’re narrowing down names – and if you’re wondering if we’ll continue down the “A” names, we won’t force it but if we find one we both love then we may have to get little tee’s made that say “AAA Alberta Beef”… is that too cheesy? 

If you have an old fashion, longish, feminine girl’s name that isn’t too trendy let me know in the comments below!

And the best part? I’ve teamed up with The Skinny to giveaway a $100 giftcard. All you need to do to enter is:

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Posted on May 3, 2017

How To Get Your Baby To Sleep Longer | Developing A Night Time Routine | Cetaphil Baby

This post has been sponsored by Cetaphil. All opinions are 100% my own.

The first year of being a new mom is rough – you are doing your best to keep a human baby alive – it’s a big job to do on little to no sleep. Finding a routine that works for your baby to wind down at the end of the day right before bed time prepares them for a longer sleep. How to get your baby to sleep longer:

Bath Time | Using a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil Baby Ultra Moisturizing Wash and tear free Cetaphil Baby Wash & Shampoo has a soothing blend of organic calendula (a natural extract from marigold flower) that cleanses their skin and hair without drying their delicate skin. It’s amazing how a warm bath can sooth a baby for the evening.

Gently Dry Off & Wipe Gums | Starting a routine of good oral hygiene is a wonderful habit to have while they’re young because the sugary milk and/or food they eat needs to be removed with a wet cloth or gauze. Otherwise it will be more difficult to transition them to a toothbrush when they start popping teeth.

 Nightly Baby Massage | Turn off the lights and have a lamp on to set the bedtime mood. Using the Cetaphil Baby Moisturizing Oil I start with their little feet (they’ll be kicking and squirming but do your best) and give a mini foot massage – uncurling their toes and rub their feet with your thumbs. Then move up to their legs, like milking a cow, from ankle to thigh. Reverse the motion from thigh to ankle. Use the same motion on their arms. The oil has sweet almond and sunflower oils that will soften and protect their skin while you bond with your baby.

Jammie Time | Put on their cute, little pajamas (let’s be honest my babies lives in onesies for the first 3 months of their lives).

Nurse or Read Book | Depending on how old your baby is, following jammie time we snuggle up and have a last nursing session or we read a board book. 

Turn Off  Lamp & Say Goodnight | It’s difficult to put younger babies to bed awake after nursing, but again do your best to start a routine where they are semi awake and can sooth themselves. I always give lots of kisses and hugs, a nightly prayer, and then close the door.

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Posted on April 27, 2017

Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas | From Joksters to Essential Oil Enthusiasts | Bed Bath & Beyond

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and finding the right gift can be tricky for the special mom in your life. Depending on her interests I like to buy things she wants but would never buy for herself. So in preparation for this Mother’s Day I took a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond to find Mother’s Day gift ideas for the super moms (and a couple gifts for myself) in my life.

This year I felt like a jokster and when I gave a bottle of Poo-Pourri®. It was the perfect little joke that had Annaliese and me giggling when I explained what the bottle was for. 

Then I found this darling gold owl mug – to add to my ever growing (obsession and) collection of coffee mugs. My coffee lovers know you can never have enough coffee mugs!

If you know us, Matt and I have slightly clashing ideas for home decor but when I brought home thismodern geometric, gem-like, wireless iHome he thought it was great (not that I need his approval on the aesthetics of an iHome, but it’s always a lovely surprise when we both like something)! I’ve held out on a portable iHome because let’s be honest my phone’s memory is overrun with blog photos, I don’t have room for music. Anyone else have this problem? Though I could not resist the modern charm of these new iHomes!

Lastly if you know any moms who are not on the essential oils train an oil diffuser is the ideal gift for this Mother’s Day! I personally use them when I have a cold or just want a pleasant aroma in our home (candles are not practical now that both my toddlers can reach them on the counter). This gorgeous Ellia Gather Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser also has a childproof lid. They’ve thought of everything!

Then lastly you can’t go wrong with a fresh set of bedding and throw pillows, atleast in my books you can’t go wrong with it. But if you aren not confident on what style she’d like let her gift them to herself! I love when I have a new duvet cover and pillows to make our room feel like we’re adults.

mother's day gift ideas edmonton albertamother's day gift ideas edmonton alberta mom bloggermother's day gift ideas edmonton alberta mom bloggermother's day gift ideas edmonton alberta mom blogger

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This post has been sponsored by Bed Bath & Beyond. All opinions are 100% my own.

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