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Posted on February 7, 2018

Telus Baby Health App | Empowering You & Your Baby’s First Year

Disclosure: I have partnered with YMC and TELUS Health and have received compensation for this post. All opinions in the post are my own. #babyhealthapp

Thankfully with the new TELUS Baby Health App that I downloaded on my iPhone (it is also available on android, too) let's me become paperless with all the important information that I usually store on those little paper slips. Honey & Betts Edmonton blogger Canadian Mom

One (of the many) things they don’t tell you before you have a baby is you will have to keep track of bits of paper – doctor appointments, immunization appointments, and measurements.

Plus, if you’re anything like me you have stuffed all those important little slips of paper into the bottom of your purse or jacket pockets… 

Thankfully with the new TELUS Baby Health App that I downloaded on my iPhone (it is also available on android, too) let’s me become paperless with all the important information that I usually store on those little paper slips.

It creates a digitalized personal health record for your child – I created individual records for Annaliese, Abigail, and Adeline – with simple features to keep track of their growth, milestones, allergies and medication, immunizations, and much more!

Additionally, the TELUS Baby Health App also has a library of helpful content specifically made for your baby’s first 18 months.

At one point I was on top of documenting and keeping my girl’s baby books up to date – but the fact is the only item I constantly have on me is my phone (no surprise there!). So, when Adeline sat all by herself last week of course I took a photo of her with my phone and added it to her milestones in the TELUS Baby Health App to share with family and friends later. The app helps me remember the big moments of each of my daughter’s lives!

Did you know TELUS Health and The Baby Box Co. have partnered to support new parents by educating them on their baby’s health from birth with newborn essentials and their very own Baby Box? They have, it’s an amazing partnership for moms and dads. To receive a Baby Box like the one Adeline uses visit Baby Box University and take their 5 minute course to receive your own!

And for every account registered on the TELUS Baby Health app, TELUS will donate $5 to Make-A-Wish® Canada until November 2018 to fulfill the hopes and dreams of children with life-threatening medical conditions.

Are you ready to empower yourself as a parent and to give your baby a healthy start?

Let me know how you like the TELUS Baby Health app in the comments, I’d love to hear your experience with it.

Edmonton Alberta Blogger

Posted on February 4, 2018

Leisure Access Program: Free Activities For Low Income Families in Edmonton, AB

Have you been looking for free City of Edmonton recreation or attraction passes – like the Edmonton Valley Zoo, the Muttart, and Fort Edmonton Park?

We love the zoo, and I cannot believe it took our growing family 4 years to find this program through word of mouth! Matt has been in university for longer than 4 years as a full-time student, but we became eligible for this wonderful City of Edmonton program the day Annaliese was born. 

So please, if you know of someone who could benefit from this knowledge share it with them! You’ll be blessing them with an amazing resource for their family.

What is the Leisure Access Program?

For families or people who qualify for low-income status you can apply to the City of Edmonton for their Leisure Access Program to gain access to the city’s attractions for free.

To be eligible for the Leisure Access Program (LAP) depends on your yearly income and the number of people in your household (that includes adults and children under 18). 

What is include in the LAP?
  • 75% off 3 registered adult programs
  • 75% off 4 registered child programs, hello swimming lessons!
  • access to 24 free visits to the Reuse Centre per year
  • access to 1 bucket of balls per day at Victoria Driving Range

** check the City of Edmonton website for the rules and regulations of booking tee times for the driving range

Who is eligible for the LAP?
  • if you are on AISH (Assured Income of the Severe Handicap)
  • if you are a new immigrant or refugee (to qualify you must have resided in Canada for less than 1 year and have not filed a tax return)
  • if you are a child under government care
  • your household income (the sum of your and your spouse’s line 150 on your most recent Income Tax Notice) is equal to or less than the following:
Who does not qualify? 
  • full-time post secondary students who do not have children
  • those who have a higher income than the LAP range shown above

The process is simple but takes a while for the City of Edmonton to process so the sooner you mail in your application correctly (they will send it back if you don’t have all the information they need) the better!

Our passes took about 3-4 weeks to arrive, but it was worth the wait!

How do you apply for the Leisure Access Program?
  1. Print out the Leisure Access Program Application and Renewal Form. If you do not have access to a printer, you can call 311 and they will have one mailed to you. Or you can pick up the application form at one of these locations.
  2. Fill out the form and include the additional verification documents needed for the application – income verification ( ex. print out of your tax return that includes line 150), address verification (ex. print out a phone bill with your current address), eligible dependants verification (ex. print out your Child Tax Benefit, make sure it includes your name and the name of your children on the same page).
  3. Mail everything to the address:

Leisure Access Program

PO Box 2359

Edmonton, AB

T5J 2R7


If you have any questions about the procedure or about the application, call 311 they will be able to help you.

Edmonton Alberta Blogger

Posted on February 2, 2018

Being A Girl Mom | Motherhood Cliches That Turned Out To Be True

photography by Bespoke Photography

These motherhood cliches make me chuckle because they turned out to be true for me, and I hope they brighten up your day no matter how much you think you messed up:

matching eyelash & lips tops: Lexi’s Loft | tulle skirt: Ele Story | flower swaddle blanket: Margaux & May

Right now we are potty training Abigail and it’s been a tough week, but trust me when I say motherhood has overall changed me for the better.

I’m still selfish, but I am a lot more giving. I’m still hot-headed, but I am a lot more patient. I’m still lazy, but I am a lot more proactive. I’m still who I was from before I had kids, but to raise good kids I need to model the behaviour I want to see from them. They hold me accountable for who I am, and bring out a better me.

Most days I feel like I probably could have yelled a little less, but as mom as I’m human. I make mistakes and I’m doing my best to take care of them while refereeing them 24/7. Thankfully my littles are quick to forgive and to start over, and that’s all I can ask for as we navigate their firecracker emotions.

These motherhood clichés make me chuckle because they turned out true for me, and I hope they brighten up your day no matter how much you think you messed up:

Potty training is your nemesis

Kids come with a lot of baggage (literally) for trips, at least 3x as much as you do

Legging are pants, and they are a wardrobe staple

You love Target, even if you live in Canada

Nursing tops are the ugliest thing and your closet is full of them

You will eat your children’s leftovers

You will ugly cry while you read I’ll Love You Forever

Prioritizing Netflix before your workouts

Becoming obsessed with coffee & wine

Being blinded by the love of motherhood even when you’ve had a terrible day

Edmonton Alberta Blogger

Posted on January 30, 2018

5 Tips For Hiking In The Winter With Your Family

I had to document our spontaneous winter hike in Edson, AB! It’s a small town along the Yellowhead Highway West of Edmonton that is surrounded by the amazing Canadian Boreal Forest.

The trees were laden with fresh snow and it was a real winter wonderland!

We started our adventure by taking a short hike with our 3 girls – Matt pulled Annaliese and Abigail in the sled, and I carried Adeline in the Ergobaby carrier. It was quite the workout with the knee deep snow and nipping air in our lungs, but it was a wonderful first hike for our family.

5 Tips For Hiking In The Winter With Your Family
  1. Give yourself time – Budget how much time you think the hike would take an adult and then multiply that number by 3. That is how much time you need to not feel rushed while hiking with your children.
  2. Keep it simple – Choose an easy, short trail for your first time hiking. Or prepare to carry your crying children. Please, learn from our mistakes!
  3. Make it fun! – Honestly, young kids just want you to be excited about regular things. It’s similar to when they are learning to talk and you narrate everything you say so they can learn everyday words – be animated when you see a bird in a tree and point it out to your children.
  4. Dress for the weather – this last hike we were outside in -25 Celsius (-13 Fahrenheit). It felt cold, but we were prepared! The only way I can describe how we were dressed is it was like we were going skiing. Layers, layers, layers! And then to top it all off the girls were in full snow suits (we love the ones that Costco sells in August, yes I said August).
  5. Be prepared for anything and everything – Obviously you can’t be prepared for literally everything – some useful things we brought were a first aid kit, lots of water and snacks/food, and change of clothes (for each child) incase of accidents.

What outdoor activities do you enjoy with your family?

Edmonton Alberta Blogger

Posted on January 15, 2018

The Best Places To Get Free Boxes For Moving

The Best Places To Get Free Boxes For Moving In Canada Edmonton Blogger Canadian Mom

There was an amazing and overwhelming response to my question yesterday: where are the best places to get free boxes for moving?

This is what I love about the Instagram community – you are always ready to share your life experiences with me!

From your answers, there are many restaurants and stores that offer to hold their shipping boxes for you when their weekly/monthly orders come in, but you need to call ahead to find out the date of their deliveries and make sure they know you will be coming to pick them up.

There are even services to come drop off bubble wrap and boxes, then when you’re done with their supplies they will come pick it up.

Or you can rent green eco-boxes that are hard plastic, come with lids, and then return them to their drop off location. There are so man options for moving your things!

Here is a list of all the places that have boxes for free:

Top Recommendation: Liquor Store, especially the wine boxes.

Starbucks, especially the coffee boxes.

Tim Hortons

McDonalds, especially the fry boxes.

SuperStore, especially the apple boxes.

Dollar Store

Canadian Tire

Shoppers Drug Mart


Grocery Store, especially the egg boxes.

Facebook Mom Groups



Here is a list of unique moving services, that is not for free:

Uline, ships you moving traditional supplies.

Eco-Box, environmentally friendly moving supplies. Available in Edmonton & Calgary.

Frog Box, environment friendly moving supplies for rent. Available across Canada and parts of the USA.


P.S dont forget to share this with any friends or family that are thinking about moving soon!

Edmonton Alberta Blogger

Posted on January 6, 2018

2018 Is A Year Of Change

After a great year of lessons and so many opportunities to do what I love I’m ready to dive back into the thick of blogging, while establishing time boundaries.

I shared a bit on Instagram but December is the mother of all months for bloggers, and rightfully so. It’s the main selling event for businesses and brands to get their products out there just in time for the Christmas rush.

And while it’s the busiest time for bloggers I found as a mother all my time was sucked into monitoring social media and scrolling meaninglessly through Instagram.

This year will be different, I will set boundaries on my time with social media and will be planning some awesome new content that follows our family’s journey with moving later in the year – if you have any tips on moving please give me a shout!

And thank-you so much to those who completed my blogging survey on Instastories! It was so helpful to see what content you come here to read.

I know you rely mainly on social media to know when I have a new blog post or giveaway up, but it would be so amazing if you could take a second to join my email newsletter. It would make my day and I promise not to spam you!

Edmonton Alberta Blogger

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