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Posted on July 30, 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale | Beauty & Bedroom Haul

How to find the best deals at Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I can’t get enough of these sales! All year long I debate and negotiate with myself to justify buying products for myself, and then when I see them for $90 off I know I cannot pass up such amazing deals. So, here I am again sharing with you what I ordered and what is still on my wishlist from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

I hope you find something that is exactly what you need for a little pick-me-up, retail therapy!

And if you’re wondering what the makeup mirrors, pink Clarisonic, and pink Foreo eye massager are – check out these links for what they do to transform your beauty routine!

| Bedroom |


| Beauty |

Edmonton Alberta Blogger

Posted on July 28, 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale | Classics Picks

Canada Shipping Nordstrom

It’s no secret that the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is a HUGE hit with bloggers. The fact that Edmonton doesn’t have a Nordstrom store is probably saving us a ton of money throughout the year, but when I do purchase anything from Nordstrom it’s during the Anniversary sale.

Here’s what was in my cart and on my wishlist! I spend the most amount of money on two things (which are super important while living in Canada): 1. Shoes and 2. Outerwear. Those two categories are the ones I want to last the longest and so I always buy high quality shoes and coats.

What items do you spend the most on?

Edmonton Alberta Blogger

Posted on June 15, 2017

Father’s Day Gift Guide | Practical Dad Gifts by Bed Bath & Beyond

What To Buy The Practical Dad For Father’s Day?

This year I needed help with Father’s Day so I took Matt shopping and he showed me exactly what he wanted for his Father’s Day gifts.

If you watched our Bed Bath & Beyond shopping trip on Instastories, Matt already had a wish list ready to go. I don’t know about your husbands but mine is an effective shopper.

I hope you can find inspiration for the dads in your life from his wish list for Father’s Day:

Nutribullet Pro | Matt’s a milk shake guy, and our blender needed a serious upgrade to make thick milk shakes. Now, the Nutribullet Pro has the power and size to make delicious all the milk shakes his heart desires. And trust me, he’s going to use the Nurtibullet lots!

Cuisinart Verticle Waffle Maker | I look forward to weekend morning waffles for the rest of my life and the endless waffle combinations to be discovered. We chose the vertical waffle maker because #1 we live in an apartment and #2 we have limited counter space. I am so pleased with this waffle maker so far! There’s limited to no mess, it cooks the waffles perfectly, and the automatic timer makers it so I don’t have to babysit it while cooking.

Tervis Tumblers | Matt doesn’t like my excessive coffee mug collection, especially because the cups are so small (in his opinion). These tumblers are the perfect gift because they’re suitable for hot and cold drinks, are microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and freezer safe. You won’t have to worry about wrecking your cups again.

Therapedic TruCool Memory Foam Pillow | I wish I had thought about asking for a new pillow for Mother’s Day! Matt has had the same pillow for the past 5 years (at least) and he really wanted a new pillow – which makes sense since having a good supportive, comfy pillow means you’ll theoretically have a better sleep. Sounds like a great gift to me!

Nutribullet Pro | Waffle Maker | Therapedic TruCool Pillow | Tervis Tumbler Cups

Edmonton Alberta Blogger

This blog post is sponsored by Bed Bath & Beyond. All opinions are 100% my own.

Posted on June 1, 2017

Why I Use Beautycounter? | Leading A Healthier Life With Natural Beauty Products | Moms With Babes Who Business

Beautycounter Consultant Edmonton: Become Part Of The Change For Better, Safer Beauty

Beauty blogger BeautyCounter Edmonton ConsultantEdmonton Natural Skincare Makeup

sheer lipsticks | skin tint hydrating foundation | lip glosses | concealer | peppermint lip conditioner | matte bronzer | powder blush duo

Best Skincare for dry skin beautycounter edmonton consultant Beauty Bloggers Canada BeautyCounter Consultant Edmontonnatural makeup products canada

How cute is the packaging? I am in love with their rosy-gold packaging.

BeautyCounter Edmonton Event

It may not look like it but I have problem skin – I’ve had it all my life. My skin is extremely dry, sensitive, and acne-prone. 

In the past, I used skincare that was either for acne that used harsh chemicals to dry out the blemishes leaving my skin a flaky mess, or for dry/sensitive skin that doesn’t combat acne. It was a strange, never-ending battle.

Now? I use a range of natural skincare to balance and sooth my skin, with BeautyCounter as the core and majority of my skincare routine.

Majority? Core? Although I may love the brand and products, I don’t love all the products – which is completely normal because they carry an extensive line of skincare and makeup, and not all beauty products work the same for everyone.

As a blogger I have the opportunity to try and test out a lot of products, and I take great pride in writing my honest experiences for you to read. Creating that trust and transparency is so important to me.

So, what BeautyCounter products do I like? For the past 6 months I’ve been testing and sharing these ones, check it out:

Plumping Peony Skincare Set

Baby & Kids Body Skincare

Creating A Flawless Complexion | Makeup & Skincare

Pregnancy & Hormonal Skin Friendly Makeup

 And where can you buy it?

I enjoy their products so much I am now a BeautyCounter consultant in Edmonton & Surrounding Area (though if you live way outside Edmonton, don’t hesitate to reach out!), and no you won’t see me contacting y’all through Instagram with “copy & paste” scripts to hound you down to join or try the products (anyone else receive random messages from random people trying to sell you random crap, or is that just me?). 

Essentially I want you to love the products just like I do. I’ve had so many people ask me how do I order BeautyCounter? And you can now send me an email/Facebook/Instagram message and I can help you with that! Better yet, maybe we can get coffee and chat (if you’re in the Edmonton area).

Using BeautyCounter is a stepping stone to leading a healthier life, just check out The Never List that bans 1 500 questionable or harmful chemicals from BeautyCounter products.

Canada has done a good job processing new products/chemical ingredients and updating the Canada Cosmetic Ingredient Hotlist (which includes prohibited chemical ingredients and restricted) – while unfortunately in the United States many of those prohibited/restricted ingredients are still allowed in U.S products. The beauty safety standards are skewed.

We worry about substances we put in our bodies like gluten, dairy, sugar, fat, drugs, alcohol, chemicals – but it is also extremely important to watch what we put on our skin. You wouldn’t ingest chemicals like formaldehyde? So why would you apply products to your skin with those chemicals in it? There are safer options available, and it’s my mission to educate you on what those safer options are.

I want to thank these two moms with babes who business for hosting a BeautyCounter social event this past weekend; Dallas, whom I’ve known and grown with over the past few years as moms and bloggers; Tara, who I just met but can’t wait to get to know more.

So, my friends, keep your eyes peeled for sales and fun, social events coming up this year!

Edmonton Alberta Blogger

Posted on May 25, 2017

Summer Accessories To Compliment All Your Outfits | Stella & Dot Sale & Dot Dollars

This post contains affiliate links.

Edmonton Style Fashion Blogger stella & dot summer sale


Summer is clearly here and what better way than to make sure you look put together everyday than to have beautiful accessories at your disposable. Stella & Dot have released their summer accessories and Stella & Dot summer sale, and I am in love! Especially with all the tassels and bright colours.

Here you can find the:

Classics | Black Double Wrap Watch + Vintage Statement Starburst Ear Jacket (on SALE!!)

Tassels | Blush Tassel NecklaceBlue Tassel Earring

Neutral | Metal Statement Necklace + Blush Cat Eye Sunglasses + Good Vibes Pouch

Minimal | Gold Collar Necklace (similar necklace on SALE here) + Silver Stellar Pave Ring

Bright | Blue Tassel Statement Necklace + Pink Elephant Travel Tote


 I’ve already put my order in and I can’t wait for my Stella & Dot goodies to arrive! It feels like it’s been almost a year since they’ve had jewelry and accessories that are my style… but I’m glad their summer collection is right up my alley!

 Right now, if you spend $75 you get the adorabe “Good Vibes” pouch for $9.99! And their other promo going on is Dot Dollars: for every $50 you spend you earn $25 Dot Dollars. 

But if you’re like me, the Stella & Dot sales are where your heart is at! They always have gems hidden in their summer sales.

What are your favourite summer accessories?

Edmonton Alberta Blogger

Posted on May 2, 2017

What To Buy New Moms For Mother’s Day | Gift Guide For Mom | buybuy BABY

Mombloggermothers day gift ideas edmonton blogger

mothers day gift ideasgift ideas for traveller new momsEdmonton mom bloggergift ideas for new moms edmonton bloggergifts for modern moms

paper flower wall by Bespoke Paper Goods

I think it’s super cute when Moms-To-Be receive Mother’s Day gifts in preparation for their little one’s arrival.

I remember my first unofficial Mother’s Day when I was pregnant with my first daughter and a family member surprised me with a gift – it was one of the moments where all it made my surreal pregnant belly is actually carrying a baby who is half of my DNA. It made me even more excited for the next year’s Mother’s Day when I would have a redheaded baby girl in my arms.

A few good Mother’s Day gift ideas are ones that wīll essentially be most useful to the mama you’re gifting them to. When I thought about what would be most useful gifts to new moms I thought about the awesome knick knacks I found at buybuy BABY for supporting my growing bump, helping my babies to sleep longer at home or in the car, and knowing the stages and milestones of growth:

  1. SoundSpa On-The-Go Sound Machine: It’s a must, a must I tell you. To keep your sanity when guests come over, if you have loud neighbours, if the garbage truck comes by during naptime the white noise machine will cancel put the noise amd continue sleeping.
  2. Wubbanub: The cutest little soother I’ve ever seen and used, but with this one your baby can hold/grab the animal limbs to keep the soother in their mouth. If baby’s happy, mama’s happy. Right?
  3. Milk Boss Carseat Cover: What’s better than a sleeping baby? An errands trip with a sleeping baby undisturb. That’s what is better!
  4. Upsie Belly Belly Bandit: At the end of your pregnancy your belly is huge, your ab muscles are stretched, your back needs a break – an Upsie Belly wrap is a wonderful solution to relieve the belly. And then when you strap in the hot/cold pack to the back of the wrap it does wonders!
  5. What To Expect The 1st Year: If you’ve read the What To Expect When You’re Expecting pregnancy book you’ll love this one, it has all your questions neatly packed into a book of answers. For first time moms this is a must have!

Edmonton Alberta Blogger

This post is sponsored by buybuy BABY. All opinions are 100% my own.

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