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Posted on January 26, 2018

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Littles | Amazon Finds

Valentine's Day Gifts For Littles Amazon Canada

1. Pink Princess Castle (on sale!!) | 2. Mini Guitar | 3. Pink Cow Hopper | 4. Pink Fuzzy Robe | 5. Mini Red Wagon | 6. Valentine’s Day Puppy Lego | 7. Anatomical Plush Heart | 8. Fisher-Price Doodle Pro

I love surprising my little girls with cute gifts, and when there’s a theme to the gifts it’s even better!

Last year I discovered Amazon, finally, and I am hooked! The amount and variety of fun gadgets and trinkets you can find blows my mind. 

This Valentine’s day is not just for the adults – I browsed Amazon for all the things I think my 4 and 2 year old daughters would love! I am looking forward to them opening their bounce hoppers and working out all that extra energy that they have at the end of the day.

What do you do to make Valentine’s Day special for your family?

Edmonton Alberta Blogger

Posted on December 30, 2017

Best 2018 Digital Cameras For Kids Under $100

Digital Cameras For Kids Interested in Photography and Cameras Lifestyle Blogger Edmonton Alberta Canada Honey & Betts

The cool part about raising kids is that even though they have the same parents and have been parented the same(ish), they are completely different in personalities and interests. And it’s even more fascinating when their interests mirror your own – like my love of cameras and photography!

Annaliese (my 4-year-old) has taken up the interest of photography recently. At first it started with wanting to use Matt or my phone’s camera, and over the last couple of months her interest in taking pictures has not weaned so we are going to invest into an intro digital point and shoot camera for her.

I did my research and I wanted to find her a digital camera with a decent screen on the back for photo and video playback.

To my surprise digital cameras for kids are not a huge thing, and I had to search around for a kid friendly camera that checked off and my requirements and that was inside the budget.

Maybe it will be the next new trend for mommy blogger’s children, since blogging has boomed over the last 5 years – and kids like to mimic their parents!

Anyways here are the top 6 digital cameras for kids under $100:

  1. VTech Kidizoom Camera Pix $74 CAD | If your child is under 4 years old, this is a fun option for a digital camera! It has the ability to take photos from the front or with the selfie mode, take photos with cute collages and filters, take videos and voice recordings, and there are 4 built-in games for endless entertainment. It comes with a built-in memory card, but if you want to expand the camera’s memory you can add in your own micro-SD card.
  2. Mini Digital Camera for Kids $35 CAD | This is the cutest little camera ever! And from the images and description it is tiny, so it’s great for little hands. It’s kind of a wild card, because it is so tiny (65 X 40 X 16mm or 2.6 X 1.6 X 0.7 inch) and seems to be one of those products from China that could turn out awesome or turn out to be a dud. Either way for $35 I would check it out!

  3.  Handheld Camera & Camcorder $30 CAD | I love that this camera is more simple to use – it is ergonomic for little hands and has the straight forward functions of a camera and video recorder. It has a soft silicone protective shell that makes it durable and protects the camera when dropped. 
  4. Sports Action Camera With Waterproof Case $40 CAD | Does your kids want a camera that will keep up with them? This waterproof action camera comes with 2 mounts for either a skateboard or a bike. It also comes with a waterproof case (up to 6 feet underwater), cool filters, frames, and most importantly (as a mom) a rechargeable battery! 
  5.  Waterproof, Dust-Proof Kids Camera $74 CAD | This bright yellow camera has an awesome 4X zoom for your child to take an interest in nature photography or if they want to get up close and personal in their portrait taking… so watch out, Mama! Otherwise this camera is also great for taking on vacation for underwater shots, and has padding on the edges to cushion it from falls.
  6. Polaroid iSO48 Waterproof Digital Camera $60 | Not only is this digital camera waterproof (up to 3 meters underwater), it is dust-proof and freeze-proof! Something that is a must when you live in freezing temperatures, like myself.  It captures crisp details and brilliant colours in both photos and videos – perfect for your upcoming photographer. (P.S. This is the camera we got Annaliese! In case you are curious.)

Many people inquired earlier why I did not get her a traditional Polaroid Camera, the one that comes with instant film, and that is because the film alone can cost between $0.89-$1.00 per photo. And from my observation Annaliese has a trigger happy finger when it comes to taking photos! So while it’s a super fun option it was not in my budget and I don’t think it’s the best camera for a preschooler.

Is your child interested in photography?

Edmonton Alberta Blogger

Posted on December 1, 2017

Gifts For Him | Lattes, Sports, Fitness & Jord Wood Watches’ Timeless Style

Is it just mine or does your man also not know exactly what he wants when the big question is popped:

What do you want for Christmas?

In my experience Matt wants gifts that stem off of his current interests – whether that’s hunting gear, novels, Star Wars, basketball, or board games.

Here are a couple gift ideas that men would love this Christmas based on these interests:

Coffee (Specifically Lattes)| Not only will he enjoy the perfect latte or cappucino with the Versimo Milk Frother, but you will too! What’s his is yours, right? This sleek, wireless milk frother warms and frothes your milk. Get ready to cheers your morning lattes with each other because this gift is a win-win!

Sports | Buying a sports jersey requires you to ask a couple questions before you order, there’s nothing worse than getting a jersey with his team or favourite player wrong… especially when he talks about them all the time. I can’t blaim you! Sometimes we tune out when they talk about sports we’re not interested in. Or is that just me?

Fitness | Water is essential to working out – whether he likes running, circuit training, weight lifting, yoga, boxing, soccer, basketball. You name any activity, he needs a water bottle! These awesome water bottles come in 2 styles and so many fun colours, Matt loves his green one. And the Lamose business is local to Alberta, what’s better than supporting local businesses?

Style | Are you looking for a special gift to breathe timeless class into his style (not that he doesn’t already have it…)? You need to browse the stunning collection of customized watches. They are the ideal present if you’re searching for a gift to add your own personal touch to his style.

This watch is the: Conway Series Dark Sandalwood & Burgundy.

The best part? I’ve partnered with Jord Wood Watches to giveaway a $100 giftcard to 1 lucky winner! And everyone who enters will receive a 25% off coupon! The giveaway ends December 15, 2017.

ENTER HERE!!What do you plan on gifting him this Christmas?

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Watch Gift Ideas

Posted on November 21, 2017

Gift Guide | Sparkle Surprise Gifts Under $35

Anyone else watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine? You know Gina’s “sparkle surpise” face? Then you understand the title of this gift guide!

Right now Nordstrom is having a kick butt Black Friday sale, and it’s not even Black Friday yet!! 

Last year I learned the hard way that if you wait until actual Black Friday, all the things you wanted will be sold out because of pre-Black Friday sales. So if you want to get some gorgeous presents or stocking stuffers for a reduced price this Christmas, now is the time to start putting in your orders.

Like right now.

Everything listed above are gifts under $35 CAD, so there is something for everyone! 

Do you like to accomplish all your Christmas shopping on Black Friday? Or do you splurge on yourself?

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Posted on July 30, 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale | Beauty & Bedroom Haul

How to find the best deals at Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I can’t get enough of these sales! All year long I debate and negotiate with myself to justify buying products for myself, and then when I see them for $90 off I know I cannot pass up such amazing deals. So, here I am again sharing with you what I ordered and what is still on my wishlist from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

I hope you find something that is exactly what you need for a little pick-me-up, retail therapy!

And if you’re wondering what the makeup mirrors, pink Clarisonic, and pink Foreo eye massager are – check out these links for what they do to transform your beauty routine!

| Bedroom |


| Beauty |

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Posted on July 28, 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale | Classics Picks

Canada Shipping Nordstrom

It’s no secret that the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is a HUGE hit with bloggers. The fact that Edmonton doesn’t have a Nordstrom store is probably saving us a ton of money throughout the year, but when I do purchase anything from Nordstrom it’s during the Anniversary sale.

Here’s what was in my cart and on my wishlist! I spend the most amount of money on two things (which are super important while living in Canada): 1. Shoes and 2. Outerwear. Those two categories are the ones I want to last the longest and so I always buy high quality shoes and coats.

What items do you spend the most on?

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