Posted on October 3, 2017

Cold & Cough Season | Relieving Kid’s Cough Symptoms With Boiron

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Cough Symptoms With Boiron

These past few weeks were exhausting – it feels like the girls and I have passed colds, coughs, and fevers back and forth since school started.

Not cool!

I’ve used homeopathic remedies and medicine for sore throats and colds ever since being pregnant with Annaliese nearly 4 years ago – I suffered from the worst sore throats. And unfortunately, when you’re pregnant you are to avoid all traditional cough and cold medicine, so I had to get creative to relieve my symptoms.

Spoonfuls of honey became a staple for my sore throats, as well as gargling salt water.

You would think having your children (children all over 1-year-old, honey is not to given to children under 1 year old) swallow a spoonful of honey would be easy, but they found it was too thick and they’d spit it out. 

When I discovered Boiron’s homeopathic line for children I knew I needed to try it. The Children’s Stodal Honey cough syrup is honey based. Honey is a wonderful anti-inflammatory, so it soothes red, sore throats.

Pairing their cough syrup with the Coryzalia nose drops, to alleviate their congested or runny noses, is the perfect combo for bringing my sick kids some comfort.

Now that we’ve been through another sick spell I’m implementing new daily practices for us to stay healthy:

  1. Wash hands when you come home, and before you eat.
  2.  Sanitize door knobs, cell phones, light switches, high chairs, and dining table.
  3. Don’t touch your face and especially your mouth (we’re trying to break Abigail’s finger sucking habits).

And if one of my girls starts to get a sore throat they can be assured they’ll receive lots of fluids, rest, snuggles, and Children’s Stodal Honey syrup.

How do you relieve your children’s sore throats?

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