Posted on September 28, 2017

Committing To Potty Training With Pull-Ups On-The-Go

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Committing To Potty Training Potty Training With Pull-UpsPotty Training With Pull-Ups

Parenting is hard. But I find potty training takes the cake if you’re not prepared for it.

Unfortunately, when you’re a new parent it’s a lot of trial and error.

With our eldest daughter it took us and full month of (on and off again) potty training. It was maddening!

With the new school year and daycare starting it’s the perfect time to commit to potty training to give your toddler that independence they need to take on the change of schedules.

This time I am changing a few strategies for committing to potty training with Abigail (who is almost 2 years old), for even when she’s away from me (while at daycare, with a sitter, etc.):

  • Keep it fun! As a parent who has already potty trained a toddler, fun is the last word when I think about potty training… but the more you engage your toddler in their potty training journey (stickers, games, mini rewards, charts, books, etc.) the sooner you can achieve success. And then they will get into a more confident potty training routine that they can bring wherever they go! The Pull-Ups website has many resources available to help engage you toddler while their potty training! 
  • Stock Up!  Let’s be honest, you will need a lot of Pull-Ups training pants. The main setback we had with our first potty training experience is we would give up and put her back in diapers. It may seem like an easy break for yourself to use diapers during potty training, but it’s confusing for your child. Which brings us to my next strategy!
  • Stick to it! Consistency is key – even if there are setbacks and accidents – maintaining patience and consistency will pay off. When you take them out of diapers, keep them out! Now it’s time to use Pull-Ups! Using Pull-Ups training pants helps them be able to take them on and off by themselves when using the toilet, almost like regular underwear. And if there are any accidents (which there will be), be patient. Your toddler will respond better to positive reinforcement
  • Set them up for success (on the go)! It’s impossible to put your whole life on hold while potty training. I involve Abigail in packing her own little backpack full of her favourite stickers, her potty training chart, colouring pages, sippy cup, bento box, favourite books, and Pull-Ups training pants to bring her into the process to show her that we’re in this together I also follow the Pull-Ups tips and tricks on potty training outside the home, they’re really helpful!

I’m in for a wild ride with potty training Abigail. She’s my little firecracker, my spit fire, the daughter with the cutest dimples and the most selective hearing I’ve ever endured. Wish me luck!

For more ideas on potty training with Pull-Ups ideas and tips visit!

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