Posted on June 5, 2015

Doughnut worry, be happy!

doughnut recipe

Hallelujah for (inter)National Doughnut Day! I had no idea that Doughnut Day existed, possibly because it’s a mainstream holiday in the United States and not yet adopted by Canada. I like that it is not a corporate holiday created to boost sales, but has history to it (check it out here).

In honour of ┬átoday, we made doughnuts (surprise!). This recipe did not require deep-frying or a doughnut pan. All you need to make their shapes is a two biscuit cutters (3″ and 2″) – or if you are just like me and do not even own a cookie cutter (though I should invest before the Christmas season for cute sugar cookies), a very sharp knife will do perfectly fine!

The recipe I used I found on Pinterest, you can find it here. These doughnuts are approved by my baby girl and husband, they gave them two cinnamon-sugary thumbs up! And I approve them for being super simple and easy to make, if you have a couple hours to spare.


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