Posted on November 8, 2017

Elate Cosmetics | Toxin Free, Canadian Made Makeup

Raise your hand if you’re a makeup junkie?

Even though I like to stick to more natural colours I love playing with makeup. Recently I discovered Elate Cosmetics, they carry cosmetic products with healthy ingredients which is something I am always on board with! They are also cruelty free, toxin free, vegan, gluten free, and made in Canada.

Let’s take a look at what products made this makeup look:

Full Tint Foundation (Ecru) | If you are looking for a full coverage foundation, I highly recommend this one! It’s light and flexible, while the coverage is prime for those looking for a medium to full coverage look. Plus it has zinc oxide in it to protect you from the sun! Win-win-win!

Brow Balm (Smoke) | This natural pomade will tame your brows! It’s a bit waxy but I like how it held my brows in place and the colour made my brows look full. I found it created a more natural brow look that a dramatic look.

Bamboo Palette with Custom Eye Shadow Selection | The options are endless when you create your own selection of eyeshadows or blushes in the bamboo palette. I chose Aerial, Union, Quintessense, Rise, and Oracle. I applied Aerial as a base to make the other colours pop. Then I applied Quintessence all over my lid, followed by swiping Oracle in my crease and blending, applying Rise at the edge of my crease and blending, and finishing the look by applying Union as a highlighter on my brow bone and inside of my eye.

Liquid Eyeline (Origin) | I’m not going to lie, I’m not an eye pencil kind of girl . I need liquid liner! And I love this one so much I may need to get their gold liquid liner… because you can never have enough gold makeup!

Essential Mascara | I always have prefered waterproof mascara, and this is one of the best water and sweat resistent mascaras (because waterproof mascaras contain harmful chemicals to make them have the waterproof trait)! It lenghens and plumps your lashes.

Creme Lipstick (Muse) | I love the finish and feel of the Creme Lipstick, you can definitely feel the shea and mango butter hydrating your lips. The coppery look of Muse is perfect for Fall/Winter!

Do you like to discover and integrate new makeup products into your daily routine?

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