Posted on October 25, 2017

Family Of Five | Edmonton Valley Zoo

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Annaliese is turning 4 years old this week! Ever since Abigail’s 2nd birthday at the beginning of the month she’s asked every week if it is her birthday yet, and now it’s finally here.

There are only so many activities our active, rambunctous girls can do in our apartment so we like to go on family dates where they can run off all their energy.

Both girls loved the new renovations to the Edmonton Valley Zoo. They watched the seals in the Artic Shores exhibit, the great horned owl in the Bird of Prey exhibit, and the siberian tiger and artic wolves in the Large Carnivores exhibit. Lucy the elephant was walking around with her designated staff during our visit.

We’re very excited for the current zoo renovations to open another exhibit that looks like a petting zoo with domestic animals!

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