Posted on October 4, 2017

Glossier | Boy Brows & Stretch Concealer

So as of late I’ve been living intentionally healthier – starting with the daily beauty products I use on myself.

I am a makeup junkie and love discovering safer beauty brands that enhance my makeup routine – Glossier is a well known minimal makeup brand that helps great dewy complexions and bold brows.

 I’ll be creating a video later this month on holiday makeup looks and will definitely be testing out the Stretch Concealer, which has medium coverage and has a creamy finish. And I’ll also show how I’ve been using the Boy Brow wands.

I was super excited when the Glossier pink package arrived on mail day (such a cute little pink bubble wrap pouch with lots of 90’s themed stickers inside).

The next thing I did (which I regularly do now) is read the ingredients on every product and cross referenced the ingredients with the EWG SkinDeep Cosmetic Data base. Because when I read the back of my products I have no idea what those long chemical names mean!

That way if I stumble across a couple ingredients that raise red flags I can make an educated decision if I want to use the product or not. I’m not just blindly consuming anymore.

I know I’ve got a few feedback comments on how I’ve been advocating for safer beauty – some positive, some constructive. I will not be able to turn this new passion for advocating for safer beauty regulations off, darlings. So if it’s not for you that’s the beauty of social media and the internet – you don’t have to follow me.

I have a new fire in my heart to advocate for my daughters’, my mom’s, my sisters’, my friends’ health and safety. And this is only the beginning of the safer beauty movement, so if you don’t like the heat get out of the kitchen (I think that saying applies here… right??).

Anyways, back to reading the ingredients on the Boy Brow – I found 9 ingredients that were classified as “ingredients with moderate health concerns”. DimethiconeLecithinGlyceryl LauratePolysorbate 20PhenoxyethanolTitanium DioxideFerric FerrocyanideChromium Oxide Greens, and Chromium Hydroxide Green.

The major health concerns were persistence and bioaccummulation, which means the they’re chemicals that don’t leave your system easily and accummulate in your body.

And the minor environmental concern with some the chemicals (click on the individual names above to read more about each one) was ecotoxicity. Ecotoxicity is the results of ecotoxology – a study of the toxic effects, caused by synthetic and natural pollutants, on the ecosystems, animals, and humans. It’s a look at the big picture, and what chemicals are affecting the world beyond your bathroom.

I will say I was very proud of Glossier listing all their products’ ingredients online, with some brands I can’t find the ingredients on the package or online. And the only way for us to be informed consumers is to have access to what is in our daily beauty products!

Many of you may be wondering why I will still test these products out, and I live a 70/30 safer beauty life. I’m still processing products that are harmful to me out of my life. I have drawn the line where I will not use a product if one of it’s ingredients is a carcinogen, I won’t compromise my health when I already have cancer in my family’s medical history. 

It’s all about making small choices that lead to a healthier life!

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