Posted on May 17, 2017

Maternity Style | Date Night & Outfit Drama | 26 Weeks Pregnant

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During our last date night I had a prominent wardrobe malfunction!

We were at a charity dinner and the room’s general demographic was 60+ years old – about a hour into the dinner I needed to go to the washroom. As soon as I entered an elderly lady told me she needed to tell me something, I stood there gawking “Yes??”. And she proceeded to tell me you could see my underwear THROUGH my skirt. *insert screaming emoji face*

I didn’t get ready at home earlier that day – we dropped the girls off at Matt’s parents house and I got ready there before the dinner, so when I packed that morning coordinating undergarments were the last thing on my mind. But in all honesty, there should be no excuses!

I thanked the elderly lady, because you never want to be walking around a room and no-one has the guts to tell you your underwear is being advertised (though it could have been worse and my skirt could have been tucked into the band revealing a lot more). Then I said “Thanks, no probelm! I’ll just take them off.” and her face literally impersonated the screaming emoji. LOL.

I tried to retract what I said by sneaking in “Orrrr I’ll just figure it out!” while smiling innocently, but I think we both knew I had already figured it out. *insert winky emoji*

Later that evening when Matt and I left the dinner he told me how beautiful I looked BUT that he could see my underwear through my skirt! What a turkey! I set him straight to always tell me if I’m having a wardrobe malfunction – and I’ve been teasing him about it all week.

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  • Tara Lowry May 18, 2017 at 8:19 PM

    Hilarious Hannah!

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