Posted on May 16, 2017

NUK #SimplyNatural Bottles + Hands Free Milk Collection Cups

This post is part of the YMC and NUK Canada Simply Natural #SimplyNatural sponsored program. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. All opinions are 100% my own. 

I love the bonding you experience when nursing your baby. It’s intimate, just you and your babe. I have exclusively breastfed both my babies, and hopefully plan to with our little baby arriving in August, but there are times when I need to pump – travel, sickness, pump & dump. Thankfully there are amazing, innovative products available for both breastfeeding and bottle feeding mother’s that are coming out year after year. 

This year I’m thrilled to try the NUK Simply Natural bottles, they’re designed to keep the natural feeding bond strong between mom and baby. Just like mom’s breast the bottle’s nipple is a similar shape with multiple holes for a natural feed.

I always feel uneasy offering a newborn a bottle especially the bottle’s who’s nipples look nothing like a mother’s, you never know if you’re going to give them nipple confusion, but the NUK Simply Natural bottles relieve my worries. The wide, flexible nipple provides a continuous latch when your baby is still learning how to nurse.

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Does anyone else own an electric breast pump? They’re the greatest for mother’s who plan to breastfed or pump. But with my electric pump it came with attachments I have to hold in place, just like a manual pump except all I’m doing is holding them.

Then I discovered NUK Freemie Breastmilk Collection Cups and they are going to change the way I pump – the leak proof collection cups are compatible with Philips Avent Dual Electric Breast Pump so you attach the tubes to the electric breast pump and slid the cups into your sports bra and voila! They do the rest of the work while the whole operation is concealed under your shirt. 

The first time I used my electric pump I could not believe I went a whole year casually pumping with a manual pump (though I will admit I find manual pumps are best for travel purposes). And I have a feeling the first time I pump with the collection cups AND my electric pump it’s going to blow my mind again. It’ll be revolutionary!

 Have you tried NUK Simply Natural bottles?

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