Posted on April 1, 2017

Arizona Adventures | Maternity Summer Style | Bright & Bold

Summer Makeup 2017Summer Makeup 2017Summer Makeup 2017Summer Makeup 2017

maxi dress: Pink Blush | hat: Aritzia (similar ones here and here)| earrings: Stella & Dot | nail polish: Essie “Meet Me At Sunset” | lipstick: Maybelline “Pink Pop“, “Fuchsia Flash“, “Vivid Rose” 

The sun feels so good after a rough first trimeter during the winter. Though it’s technically Spring time here, it feels like Summer to me!

At some point this week Matt and I want to go thrift shopping, and check out a new coffee place every morning with the girls. Other than that we don’t plan on too much shopping, just playing with the girls in the pool and soaking up the Vitamin D.

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Posted on March 31, 2017

Clean Water Starts Here | Brita Canada Me to We Limited Edition Statement Bottles #filterforgood

Edmonton blogger Brita Canada Me to We Limited Edition Statement BottlesEdmonton blogger Give One Year Of Clean Water

Are you someone who keeps the water running while brushing their teeth? Or do you turn it off and on when you need it?

We are so priveledged to live in Canada and have clean water at our finger tips. I often forget the wonderful advantage it is to have access to clean water or access to water at all – but every now and then when maintenance needs to shut off our water in our apartment building for a couple hours I get the tiniest taste of what it’s like to be without.

Brita Canada has launched a limited edition statement bottle to celebrate #WorldWaterDay. I am thrilled to be a part of this program – to have the opportunity to share and give clean drinking water to residents in Irkatt, Kenya – it was an effortless decision.

With the purchase of 1 limited edition Brita Canada Me to We Limited Edition Statement Bottles 1 person in Irkaat, Kenya will receive 1 years supply of cleaning drinking water. Each bottle comes with a custom tracking code so you can see exactly how and where your purchase has made an impact. 

Not only is the cause incredible, but with the replaceable filter inside the water bottle one bottle can replace up to 300 water bottles.

You can buy the Brita Canada Me to We Limited Edition Statement Bottles at:


Real Canadian Superstore

Real Atlantic Superstore



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Posted on March 31, 2017

Arizona Adventures | Maternity Summer Style | Stripes & Lace

Summer Makeup 2017

Summer Makeup 2017 Summer Makeup 2017 Summer Makeup 2017


top: Pink Blush | maternity shorts: Old Navy | sandals: Birkenstocks | necklace: Stella & Dot  (similar one here) | hat: Asos | purse: Winners (similar one here) | shadow palette: NYX Cosmetics | correcting palette: Maybelline | lip liquid: The Body Shop | lip gloss: The Body Shop | white eyeliner: The Body Shop 

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Posted on March 30, 2017

Edmonton Grocery Pickup Service Review: From App To Table

This post is sponsored by Walmart Canada as part of the Grocery Pickup program. In exchange for this post, I have received perks in the form of products and/or compensation. All opinions on this blog are my own.

Dry shampoo, top knots, leggings, and coffee are a mom’s best friends when it comes to taking your children grocery shopping. Running out to the store (with children in tow) to buy our family’s weekly grocery staples like bread, milk, bananas, and diapers is not my idea of a fun family outing. Especially during the winter.

Thankfully, as you saw in my previous Grocery Pickup is now available in Edmonton! And I personally tried it out this past week and loved it.

Use the promo code: PICKUP10 for your next order, which expires May 31, 2017.

As a growing family we like to stay on budget, so not only was it convenient to use the pickup service for saving time but it kept me on budget too. There were no distractions – just myself, my grocery list, and the App.

When you submit your order on the app you have lots of choices on selecting which Edmonton Walmart location you want to pick up from and what time slot works best with your schedule. Each time slot is 2 hours long: 8-10 a.m., 10-12 p.m., 12-2 p.m., 2-4 p.m., 4-6 p.m., 6-8 p.m., 8-10 p.m.

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Once I arrived at the West Edmonton Walmart Supercentre location I drove to the side of the building where they have their designated Walmart Grocery Pickup parking spots. Then I called the phone number on the parking spot sign and the grocery pickup team confirmed my name, order number, and the spot number I parked in.

The employee wheeled my bins of pre-bagged groceries outside and loaded my groceries into my car. For my order they had everything I wanted in stock! But if they didn’t offers substitutions at no additional costs.

What does that mean? 

During our tour a few weeks ago the Walmart Grocery Pickup team explained to us that say you ordered a small jar of peanut butter but when you arrived to pickup your order that Walmart had none in stock. Walmart would offer you a substitution of the larger version of the same brand of peanut butter at no additional cost.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like great service to me!

Edmonton Mom BlogHoney & Betts ReviewCanadian mom blogger

I did not realize it when I made my order but I added one of the most difficult vegetables to pick: avocados.

I was completely skeptical that the team would pick the best avocados for me especially because I wanted to eat one that evening for dinner. Typically I eat an avocado a day, so if all of them were ripe the day I picked up my order I would need to devour 6 avocados and have none the rest of the week – same vice versa, if all the avocados were not ripe enough I wouldn’t be able to spread them out through my meals during the week.

But the team completely shocked me, and I’ve successfully eaten one avocado as planned per day. They’ve won me over – they can pick my fruits and vegetables for me anyday!

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Posted on March 29, 2017

#FPPlayday | Fisher-Price® Play Day Recap | The Importance Of Unstructured Play

Last weekend, Kira invited us to her #FPPlayday and my girls had a fantastic time playing with the abundance of new Fisher-Price® toys. I’m thrilled to work with Fisher-Price® and Kira to share with you a snapshot of the great fun everyone had during the play day.

Edmonton mom blogger

The Fisher-Price® Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym.

Edmonton mom bloggerEdmonton mom blogger Edmonton mom bloggerEdmonton mom bloggerEdmonton mom bloggerLearning toys for kids

The Fisher-Price® Rock ‘a Stack.

Edmonton mom blogger

The Fisher-Price® Laugh & Learn® Smart Stages™ Chair.

Edmonton mom bloggerEdmonton mom bloggerEdmonton mom bloggerEdmonton mom bloggerEdmonton mom bloggerEdmonton mom bloggerEdmonton mom bloggerEdmonton mom blogger

The Fisher-Price® Double Poppin’ Dino.

Edmonton mom blogger

The Fisher-Price® Laugh & Learn™ Smart Stages™ Puppy. 

Edmonton mom bloggerEdmonton mom bloggerEdmonton mom blogger Fisher-Price® Play Day

The moment we entered the play day Annaliese and Abigail were both eager to discover the toys and make new friends. It was easy for myself to sit back, drink my earl grey latte, and watch the girls engage with the toys on their own – Abigail was fascinated with the Fisher-Price® Laugh & Learn® Smart Stages™ Chair, and Annaliese was playing with Harper, Kira’s 3 month old, on Harper’s Fisher-Price® Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym. 

 As soon as Abigail discovered the stunning spread of snacks and desserts she plopped herself on the kitchen floor and devoured everything offered!

Sometimes I forget that kid’s need time during the day to be kids. It’s a growing experience for me with both girl’s to refrain from overwhelming our schedules with swimming lessons, dance classes, library drop-ins, etc. Play time doesn’t need to be complex. A single toy and a child’s imagination can provide all the stimulus they need to be happy and developing.

The play day was a great way to break up my busy, busy week by getting together with old and new friends to let my children play, interact, and grow. And then we took home goodie bags with some toys and snacks! I can’t wait to implement more unstructured play into my girl’s schedule with their new Fisher-Price® Laugh & Learn™ Smart Stages™ Puppy and Fisher-Price® Rock ‘a Stack.

Head over to Northern Style Exposure to enter her Fisher-Price® toy prize pack giveaway, click here!

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This post is sponsored by Fisher-Price®. All opinions are 100% my own.

Posted on March 28, 2017

Arizona Adventures | My Makeup Bag | Brilliantly Bronzed

Edmonton Beauty Blogger

Edmonton Beauty Blogger Faux Tan For Fair Skin Edmonton Beauty Blogger


It’s especially tempting for myself to lay in the sun all day with minimal or no sunscreen on because I want a beautiful tan that proved I went somewhere hot, but I know the damage it does.

Roasting my skin is not worth the irreversible damage of sun spots, saggy skin, sallowness, wrinkles, and skin cancer that can age you 10 years. Imagine looking like you are 10 years older than you truly are… that’s something I want to avoid.

So I fake it!

I always bring a gradual tanner on trips while I wear my wide brim hats, SPF 60 sunscreen, and stay in the shade I look the part of a bronzed, sun loving tourist.

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