Posted on November 9, 2016

Why You Should Try Beautycounter | Safe Beauty Products For Dry Skin

Leading In The Safest Standards For Beauty & Skincare Products

Eye Shadow Duo Peach and Bronze

I’m always searching for safer skin products, so when I discovered Beautycounter is available in Canada I knew I had to try it. Beautycounter is setting the standard in health and safety by banning more than 1500 chemicals and ingredients to ensure their products are the best for you. 

Read more about our safety mission here.

Eye Shadow Duo Peach and Bronze Moisturizing Tinted Foundation and ConcealerCleansing Balm Concealer Soothing Face Oil

 From cleaning my skin to applying makeup, I need products that moisturize and hydrate my naturally, extremely dry skin:

Cleansing Balm | the balm is very smooth and does not have any upsetting fragrance to it – and it leaves your face smooth and clean without being too harsh. I prefer to use this cleansing balm in the fall/winter because it adds an additional barrier to keep my skin hydrated.

Soothing Face Oil | I treat this oil like a serum, I add a few drops of it to my favourite moisturizer before my makeup and it keeps my skin feeling fresh all day.

Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation (Linen) | Available in 8 tints from Porcelain to Mocha, the foundation evens out my skin tone and blends effortlessly to conceal my imperfections.

Touchup Skin Concealer | Available in 5 tints from Fair to Dark, I use the concealer to touch up my blemishes and under eye dark spots and then I blend with my finger.

Texture Sea Salt Mist | This is my new favourite hair product – I love that it doesn’t make me break out afterwards (an affect I have noticed with all my other products). Plus it makes the perfect beach-y waves!

Eye Shadow Duo, Peach/Bronze | There are 6 eye shadow duo colour combinations, all neutral tones for making your eye colour pop. It also has very cute black and white packaging!

Eye Shadow Duo Peach and Bronze Eye Shadow Duo Peach and Bronze

Why do I use BeautyCounter? All my personal product preferances and the few reasons I joined as a BeautyCounter Consultant in Edmonton are written here.

If you ever have BeautyCounter questions don’t hesitate to reach out, friends! 


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