Posted on January 29, 2018

Winter Memories | Essie Wild Nudes Collection

Essie wild nudes collection edmonton alberta blogger

When you live in Edmonton, AB you expect Winter to last at least 6 months of the year, that’s right at least.

One of the couple wind down activities I like to do when it’s too dark or cold or snowy to go outside is to paint my nails. It gives me the excuse to sit in front of my favourite show and take my sweet time painting my nails.

As a teenager I didn’t like the Essie nail polishes, I was a Sally Hansen girl… if that’s a thing. But ever since I tried the nude Essie collection from this summer I have been hooked on how natural and effortless the colours are.

My favourites are the “Bare with Me” (apricot tone with grey cast) and “Winning Streak” (dark purple with grey cast).

Are you an Essie girl? Or do you prefer a different brand?

Edmonton Alberta Blogger

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