Posted on January 15, 2018

The Best Places To Get Free Boxes For Moving

The Best Places To Get Free Boxes For Moving In Canada Edmonton Blogger Canadian Mom

There was an amazing and overwhelming response to my question yesterday: where are the best places to get free boxes for moving?

This is what I love about the Instagram community – you are always ready to share your life experiences with me!

From your answers, there are many restaurants and stores that offer to hold their shipping boxes for you when their weekly/monthly orders come in, but you need to call ahead to find out the date of their deliveries and make sure they know you will be coming to pick them up.

There are even services to come drop off bubble wrap and boxes, then when you’re done with their supplies they will come pick it up.

Or you can rent green eco-boxes that are hard plastic, come with lids, and then return them to their drop off location. There are so man options for moving your things!

Here is a list of all the places that have boxes for free:

Top Recommendation: Liquor Store, especially the wine boxes.

Starbucks, especially the coffee boxes.

Tim Hortons

McDonalds, especially the fry boxes.

SuperStore, especially the apple boxes.

Dollar Store

Canadian Tire

Shoppers Drug Mart


Grocery Store, especially the egg boxes.

Facebook Mom Groups



Here is a list of unique moving services, that is not for free:

Uline, ships you moving traditional supplies.

Eco-Box, environmentally friendly moving supplies. Available in Edmonton & Calgary.

Frog Box, environment friendly moving supplies for rent. Available across Canada and parts of the USA.


P.S dont forget to share this with any friends or family that are thinking about moving soon!

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Posted on January 9, 2018

Mom Style | Best Button Down Blouses For Breast-Feeding

It’s one thing to finally fit into regular, non-maternity clothes but when you’re still breast-feeding your closet is still limited. I have you’re back because I found you the best button down blouses for breast feeding! 

This time breast feeding my baby I discovered the wonderful invention of button down shirts instead of the option of ugly nursing shirts or hoisting up my whole shirt, we’ve all been there when you forget an undershirt and you’re sitting there with your tummy exposed. It feels vulnerable and uncortable, at least for me it does.

I’ve linked a few stunning button down shirts, most are 40% off right now so it’s a win!

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Posted on January 6, 2018

2018 Is A Year Of Change

After a great year of lessons and so many opportunities to do what I love I’m ready to dive back into the thick of blogging, while establishing time boundaries.

I shared a bit on Instagram but December is the mother of all months for bloggers, and rightfully so. It’s the main selling event for businesses and brands to get their products out there just in time for the Christmas rush.

And while it’s the busiest time for bloggers I found as a mother all my time was sucked into monitoring social media and scrolling meaninglessly through Instagram.

This year will be different, I will set boundaries on my time with social media and will be planning some awesome new content that follows our family’s journey with moving later in the year – if you have any tips on moving please give me a shout!

And thank-you so much to those who completed my blogging survey on Instastories! It was so helpful to see what content you come here to read.

I know you rely mainly on social media to know when I have a new blog post or giveaway up, but it would be so amazing if you could take a second to join my email newsletter. It would make my day and I promise not to spam you!

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Posted on December 30, 2017

Best 2018 Digital Cameras For Kids Under $100

Digital Cameras For Kids Interested in Photography and Cameras Lifestyle Blogger Edmonton Alberta Canada Honey & Betts

The cool part about raising kids is that even though they have the same parents and have been parented the same(ish), they are completely different in personalities and interests. And it’s even more fascinating when their interests mirror your own – like my love of cameras and photography!

Annaliese (my 4-year-old) has taken up the interest of photography recently. At first it started with wanting to use Matt or my phone’s camera, and over the last couple of months her interest in taking pictures has not weaned so we are going to invest into an intro digital point and shoot camera for her.

I did my research and I wanted to find her a digital camera with a decent screen on the back for photo and video playback.

To my surprise digital cameras for kids are not a huge thing, and I had to search around for a kid friendly camera that checked off and my requirements and that was inside the budget.

Maybe it will be the next new trend for mommy blogger’s children, since blogging has boomed over the last 5 years – and kids like to mimic their parents!

Anyways here are the top 6 digital cameras for kids under $100:

  1. VTech Kidizoom Camera Pix $74 CAD | If your child is under 4 years old, this is a fun option for a digital camera! It has the ability to take photos from the front or with the selfie mode, take photos with cute collages and filters, take videos and voice recordings, and there are 4 built-in games for endless entertainment. It comes with a built-in memory card, but if you want to expand the camera’s memory you can add in your own micro-SD card.
  2. Mini Digital Camera for Kids $35 CAD | This is the cutest little camera ever! And from the images and description it is tiny, so it’s great for little hands. It’s kind of a wild card, because it is so tiny (65 X 40 X 16mm or 2.6 X 1.6 X 0.7 inch) and seems to be one of those products from China that could turn out awesome or turn out to be a dud. Either way for $35 I would check it out!

  3.  Handheld Camera & Camcorder $30 CAD | I love that this camera is more simple to use – it is ergonomic for little hands and has the straight forward functions of a camera and video recorder. It has a soft silicone protective shell that makes it durable and protects the camera when dropped. 
  4. Sports Action Camera With Waterproof Case $40 CAD | Does your kids want a camera that will keep up with them? This waterproof action camera comes with 2 mounts for either a skateboard or a bike. It also comes with a waterproof case (up to 6 feet underwater), cool filters, frames, and most importantly (as a mom) a rechargeable battery! 
  5.  Waterproof, Dust-Proof Kids Camera $74 CAD | This bright yellow camera has an awesome 4X zoom for your child to take an interest in nature photography or if they want to get up close and personal in their portrait taking… so watch out, Mama! Otherwise this camera is also great for taking on vacation for underwater shots, and has padding on the edges to cushion it from falls.
  6. Polaroid iSO48 Waterproof Digital Camera $60 | Not only is this digital camera waterproof (up to 3 meters underwater), it is dust-proof and freeze-proof! Something that is a must when you live in freezing temperatures, like myself.  It captures crisp details and brilliant colours in both photos and videos – perfect for your upcoming photographer. (P.S. This is the camera we got Annaliese! In case you are curious.)

Many people inquired earlier why I did not get her a traditional Polaroid Camera, the one that comes with instant film, and that is because the film alone can cost between $0.89-$1.00 per photo. And from my observation Annaliese has a trigger happy finger when it comes to taking photos! So while it’s a super fun option it was not in my budget and I don’t think it’s the best camera for a preschooler.

Is your child interested in photography?

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Posted on December 29, 2017

Top Things You Need For The Perfect, Winter Day Inside

Garage Sweater Dynamite Sweater Dress Edmonton Alberta Fashion Blogger

Christmas may be over and done, but the relaxing has just begun!

During the holidays we’re so concerned with filling our schedules with busy activities, but if you’re like me and find it difficult to say no (trust me, I’m working on it), find a day or two in your week and make plans to do nothing.

Some people call it a mental health day, Matt and I call it making plans to do nothing.

I always want to feel cute, even when it’s freezing and no-one is going to see me all day – right now, I am obsessed with this sweater dress from Dynamite. Pair it with adorable knee high socks and sparkly accessories, and your outfit is complete!

Or if you’re in more of a casual mood Garage has a selection of beautiful knit sweaters – I may have bought the same sweater in all the colours on Boxing Day. If you like it a lot, why not?

A day spent snuggled up baking cookies, acoustic music playing throughout your speakers, drinking tea lattes, watching feel-good movies wrapped up in a throw in your slippers sounds perfect to me!

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This post is sponsored by GDI. All opinions are 100% my own.

Posted on December 13, 2017

Apartment Living | Small Kids Bedroom Ideas & Must-Haves

It takes a certain amount of imagination and designing to make the most out of living in a small space like an apartment. Especially when you have 3 children sharing 1 bedroom in a 2 bedroom apartment! But we’ve made it work with these small kids bedroom ideas.

Small Kids Bedroom Ideas And Furniture For Small Rooms Edmonton Blogger Lifestyle

Small Kids Bedroom Ideas & Must-Haves

1. White Bunk Bed | 2. Loft Bed | 3. Crib With Change Table | 4. Crib To Toddler Bed | 5. Bins | 6. Changing Table with Drawers and Shelves | 7. Changing Table | 8. Closet Organizer | 9. Wall Hooks | 10. Wall Sconces | 11. Rocking Chair | 12. Shoe Rack | 13. Area Rug

None of our children share beds or sleep on the floor – but we had to get creative because when our youngest daughter was born the other two girls were 3 and 1 year old. How were we going to fit 2 toddlers and a newborn into 1 room?

The key is to use height and storage. Depending on if you have 2 children or 3 children there are two room styles that optimize free space and storage options.

2 Children Sharing 1 Bedroom

By positioning the baby’s crib (#4) under the loft bunk bed (#2), either directly underneath or in a “L” position, you are saving bedroom area for your littles to use as a play space.

Then choosing between what type of changing table storage you prefer – if you have many little accessories (hats, bows and headbands), baby shoes, and diaper changing supplies you would find the change table (#6) with baskets (#5) helpful. It can be frustrating searching high and low for 2 baby socks, they always go missing when you need them!

Or if you are looking for a traditional change table (#7) with drawers, consider using the top drawer for diaper changing supplies only. That way it’s close by and the wipes are within arms reach when there’s a diaper blow out.

3 Children Sharing 1 Bedroom

The more children the more clothing storage you will need!

For our 3 girls we have a bunk bed with stairs and drawers (#1), it’s perfect for both the older kids clothes since all the drawers are within their reach.

Then using a crib with a built-in change table (#3) for your baby will lower the amount of furniture and the crib converts to a toddler bed! 

More Small Kids Bedroom Ideas For Storage

In my opinion you can’t have enough storage, ever. And in my experience with 3 children they have a lot of clothes and shoes. A lot.

If your children’s bedroom has a closet you need these closet organizers (#8)! They’re great for sorting clothes, burp clothes, towels, bathing suits, shoes, mittens – everything that children need to get ready for the day.

Once the older children have seasonal shoes – sandals, rain boots, winter boots, runners, dress shoes – and keep in mind there are multiple styles for each child, using a shoe organizer (#12) inside the children’s closet keeps them out of the front foyer/coat closet when not in use. 

Last but not least, you will need some wall hooks (#9). We use ours for wet towels or our seasonal coats. This keeps them off the floor and protects them from being trampled on by tiny feet.

Cozy Touches For Their Bedroom/Nursery

As a new mom, you need a comfy rocking chair (#11), whether you’re nursing or bottle feeding! You want to be comfortable because in truth you will be feeding your new baby for a long time. 

I wish we installed sconce wall lamps (#10) a long time ago, for both levels of the bunk beds and by my rocking chair. Floor lamps take up so much space, plus then the girl’s could have quiet reading time in their own beds with their own lamps. Especially for whomever is on the bottom bunk because there is very limited light.

I’m now obsessed with the area rug (#13) we put in our girl’s bedroom! Like the lamps, I do not know why I waited so long to do it. It pull the room together and provides warmth where our hardwood did not.

Downsizing Is Possible

Whatever your reason for needing to house 2 or more children into 1 room, know that it is possible!

Matt has been in University for the past 7 years and the location of our apartment building is too close and convenient to move. But living in an apartment did not postpone growing our family – we wanted our children to be close in age and once our first daughter was born the ball started rolling while Matt was in school.

Feel free to email or message me if you have questions or need help with your own small kids bedroom ideas!

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