Posted on October 20, 2017

Mom Of Three | First Borns, Second Borns & Third Borns

First borns, second borns & third borns

Photos by Bespoke Photography

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I did not think I could love a baby the same as I did with my first born or my second born.

First borns steal your heart, and rock your world.

Second borns rock your world, and try to stay your baby as long as possible.

Third borns, as soon as they are born, charm you into thinking you could do this baby thing again and again and again.

When the 2 month smiling milestone hit, well you’ve seen Adeline‘s beautiful little smile, she erases the first trimester of intense morning sickness I experienced. And trust me I was vowing in those 3 months that I did not think I could survive another first trimester of morning sickness. Not even 2 months later I have baby fever from my charming, little baby!

The first few months of having a newborn are hard – there’s little sleep, in the first week you will cry for no reason, your social life goes out the window, your postpartum hormones are insane, you want to guzzle coffee but if you’re breastfeeding that is not an option, you still fit your maternity clothes but you long for cute pre pregnancy clothes. There’s a lot going on that causes me stress. 

Do you know what helps with anxiety and stress? Prayer.

I’m in an amazing Beth Moore Entrusted women’s bible study at my church, and from the first meeting one of the older women told us each morning she prays and gives her day to God.

She asks God to give her the energy and focus she needs for that day’s tasks, the compassion and patience for others she’ll meet. Now every morning I give my day up to God, and I add in patience with my children because the Lord knows I need more patience!

I don’t know how I would juggle all the hats I wear without God. Especially becoming a mother, I can’t imagine living without giving Him my burdens and walking in His grace

Do you feel the pressures of motherhood?

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Posted on October 19, 2017

5 Steps To The Perfect Top Knot

5 Steps to the perfect top knot5 Steps to the perfect top knot

Top knots are my thing! It’s my version of “mom hair”.

Some days my hair is so matted from wearing the same top knot for 3 days in a row, I vow never to wear a bun after combing the knots out. But I still go on my bun binges so I don’t really mind.

The secret to a good top knot is using 3-4 elastics. I have heavy, course, thick hair so without the multiple elastics my buns fall out-of-place.

Here are 5 steps to the perfect top knot:

  1. Pull your hair up into a high ponytail.
  2. Divide your ponytail into 2 sections.
  3. Tie a knot with the two sections of hair.
  4. Tuck both loose ends of the knot under your bun, secure with 2 (or more) elastics.
  5. Spritz your bun with the Volumizing Mist for extra hold and lift.

If I want my bun to be extra secured I use bobby pins, and if you have heavy or thick hair I highly recommended this curly bobby pin.

I just discovered these amazing elastics that claim to eliminate the need for bobby pins, so I’ll keep you up to date when they arrive and if they do what they say!

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Posted on October 17, 2017

Instagram Moms & Toddlers | Edmonton Fall Home Show 2017

Take a second to imagine this scene: a mom is trying to rallying the members of her family to take a family portrait around the magnificent dinner she prepared.

Her 2 toddlers are rambunctious and naturally being toddlers are finding it hard to sit still while she fits everyone into the photo to showcase what a beautiful meal she made – no one is to touch the food until the photo is taken. The toddlers are ticking time bombs of emotion and now are starting to fight over what forks the other one has.

Sensing the tension and irritability of the youngest children, the mom quickly takes 50 high speed snaps of the family hoping 1 will have everyone looking or have their eyes open.

That is what blogging and capturing my children on camera feels like, most days. It takes about 50 photos to find 1 photo that meets my standards.

And taking children to Instagram worthy cafes, I will be honest, they are not the perfectly poised children. You should see the mountain of crumbs they create by eating a cookie or scone. 

This week we visited Juniper Cafe & Bistro and Sorrentino’s to taste some delicious local Edmonton food.

Juniper Cafe & Bistro had the best little play area for children inside their restaurant nestled in the Hollyrood community. We ordered a pumpkin scone, giant peanut butter cookie, angel food cake infused with lavender with strawberries and whipped cream, and carrot cake with caramel drizzle.

Peggy Adams, the owner of Juniper, used to be a Starbucks district manager so you know she can make a delicious latte!

Later in the week we went to Sorrentino’s, the original Italian restaurant. They have 6 restaurant locations and 1 cafe in the Edmonton and surrounding area.

I have driven past the cafe location for the last 15 years of my life and have never been inside, and I am so glad I took my little family. We ordered carrot cake cheesecake (yes, you read that correctly and it was heavenly), ganache layered cake, paninis, checkerboard cookies, chai lattes, and caramel steamed milk.

When Chef Chris Hrynyk joined Sorrentino’s he worked as a catering manager, catering chef, cooking class instructor, and is now the company’s corporate chef. 

I can’t wait to go see both Peggy and Chris on the Cooking Stage at the Edmonton Fall Home Show this weekend, October 20-22th! I’ll see you guys there on Friday!

The best part? I have partnered with the Edmonton Fall Home Show to giveaway a pair of tickets (2 tickets) to the Edmonton Fall Home Show, and a meet and greet with Tiffany Pratt, and front row tickets. It’s amazing giveaway for any budding designers, bloggers, or home design fanatics to meet the inspirational Tiffany Pratt.

To enter:

  1. Subscribe with your email to Honey & Betts’ list, in the sidebar or at the bottom of the page
  2. Comment below with your favourite food.

That’s all!

This giveaway ends Thursday, October 19th at 8:00pm. Open to only Edmonton and surrounding area residents.

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Posted on October 12, 2017

The Breastfeeding Mom’s Guide To Pumping | Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump Review

Disclosure: I am part of the PTPA Brand Ambassador Program with Philips Avent and I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are 100% my own.Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump Review Canada Mom Blogger

As a mom who (almost) exclusively breastfeed her babies, having a manual breast pump is must.

This weekend I’m doing something I have never done before. I’m taking a day trip to a conference with my mom, without my 2 month old baby!

The idea seemed impossible when the opportunity came up, since the conference was baby/child free. But after thinking about it and talking it out with Matt we came up with a plan!

At first he suggested we could feed her formula for that day, which would have been fine, but I wanted to try to leave as much breast milk as possible. I had my Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump, so why not put it to the test?

Thankfully, we came up with our plan 2 weeks before the date and I was able to pump once a day to build up a supply for Matt to feed Adeline. And now I’m so excited to let him have a day of feeding her and receiving all her milky baby snuggles.

Tips I have for moms who are planning to pump and be away from your baby:

  • Start pumping as far in advance as you can! Your baby has worked hard to set up a certain supply and demand with your body, pumping once a day will not mess up your current milk supply. 
  • Pump at the same time everyday! If you are pumping once, twice, three or four times a day try your best to pump at the same time everyday. Your body will know what to do when you set up a loose schedule for yourself to pump.
  • Use the UGrow App to track your nursing and pumping sessions. It’s also a wonderful resource for milestones and everyday questions you have about your baby.
  • Drink water! If you notice your body is not increasing your supplies for pumping drink lots of water and eat supply increasing foods like oatmeal, spinach, almonds, sweet potato, and lots more other foods.
  • Don’t be discouraged! Pumping is hard work and know you’re not alone in your frustration.
  • Bring your Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump with you the day you’re away! When you don’t have your baby to relieve your milk, you will need a way to drain your milk supply throughout the day. Don’t get me started on clogged milk ducts!

The Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump is the ideal travel breast pump, it is one of the many Philips Avent products that has won the PTPA (Parent Tested Parent Approved) seal of approval. This means their products have been rigorously tested and reviewed by real parents.

When I go on trips or overnight stays I bring my breast pump. It’s simple to use, easy to clean, and stores neatly into my purse. I love that I don’t need to lean forward or twist myself into an unnatural position – I can sit comfortably and relax. 

Plus, anything that is dishwasher friendly is a winner in my eyes!

Have you tried any PTPA seal of approval products?

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Posted on October 10, 2017

Beautycounter Holiday Collection | Gifts That Last

Beautycounter Holiday Collection

Anyone else a gift giving fanatic?

Both Matt’s side and my side of our families pull names to determine who buys gifts for who. I love giving the perfect gift, I want to get whoever’s name I draw a gift they would actually love. 

I could hardly keep from bursting when the Beautycounter Holiday Collection arrived last week, and I’m so excited to share what is in these gorgeous red boxes!

Glow And Go Mini Oils | Wear it alone or with moisturizer, these face oils are skin changing. The No. 1 Brightening Facial Oil (with Vitamin C) brightens and revitalizes skin. The No. 2 Plumping Facial Oil (with argan oil) helps firm and plump, and smooth the appearance of fine lines. The No. 3 Balancing Facial Oil (with wild chamomile) helps balance, nourish, and sooth skim.

Perfect Pout Trio Nude | I’ve never been a fan of lip glosses, I associate memories of sticky, 90’s styled lip glosses from Claire’s when I think of lip gloss. But with the new infusion of fresh peppermint into these smooth, hydrating nude lip glosses – they’ll be making a new home in my purse this winter.

Holiday Soap Trio | Lavender & Vanilla scent calms and soothes. Ylang & Mandarin scent refreshes and awakens. Citrus & Chamomile scent has warm notes. Perfect for anyone looking to add a little extra luxury to your bath.

Ultimate Nudes Eyeshadow Palette |  A total of 18 eyeshadows in 1 palette, I’ve never had such a large palette but I can already see the possible combinations are endless! There are 5 perfectly paired trios, and then 3 universal shades: black, gold, and eggshell. This palette also comes with a dual ended brush. 

Colour Intense Lip Set | These 5 stunning, colour popping lipsticks for only $108 ($190 value) are blowing my mind. From classic red to rich berry to rosy pink to tawny nude to luminous mauve, you’ll be giving the gift of the year! They also have a light mint scent from peppermint oil, to get into the Holiday spirit, and contain no synthetic flavours, fragrances or chemicals. 

Illuminating Trio | I have been head over heels for these highlighters since they announced they would be joining the Holiday makeup line! Each one (pearl, rose, bronze) is sheer and buildable. I love highlighting above my cheek bone with the pearl, using the rose on the apples of my cheeks, and applying the bronze in the shallows of my cheek bones. And don’t forget to blend!

Winter Jewels Palette | I can’t wait to play around with these rich, jewel toned shadows to make some dramatic festive daytime and evening looks. I already have fallen in love with the 3 highlighters – they give your skin a soft, warm glow rather than a frosty highlighted look.

Which products are you going to put on your wishlist?


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Posted on October 4, 2017

Glossier | Boy Brows & Stretch Concealer

So as of late I’ve been living intentionally healthier – starting with the daily beauty products I use on myself.

I am a makeup junkie and love discovering safer beauty brands that enhance my makeup routine – Glossier is a well known minimal makeup brand that helps great dewy complexions and bold brows.

 I’ll be creating a video later this month on holiday makeup looks and will definitely be testing out the Stretch Concealer, which has medium coverage and has a creamy finish. And I’ll also show how I’ve been using the Boy Brow wands.

I was super excited when the Glossier pink package arrived on mail day (such a cute little pink bubble wrap pouch with lots of 90’s themed stickers inside).

The next thing I did (which I regularly do now) is read the ingredients on every product and cross referenced the ingredients with the EWG SkinDeep Cosmetic Data base. Because when I read the back of my products I have no idea what those long chemical names mean!

That way if I stumble across a couple ingredients that raise red flags I can make an educated decision if I want to use the product or not. I’m not just blindly consuming anymore.

I know I’ve got a few feedback comments on how I’ve been advocating for safer beauty – some positive, some constructive. I will not be able to turn this new passion for advocating for safer beauty regulations off, darlings. So if it’s not for you that’s the beauty of social media and the internet – you don’t have to follow me.

I have a new fire in my heart to advocate for my daughters’, my mom’s, my sisters’, my friends’ health and safety. And this is only the beginning of the safer beauty movement, so if you don’t like the heat get out of the kitchen (I think that saying applies here… right??).

Anyways, back to reading the ingredients on the Boy Brow – I found 9 ingredients that were classified as “ingredients with moderate health concerns”. DimethiconeLecithinGlyceryl LauratePolysorbate 20PhenoxyethanolTitanium DioxideFerric FerrocyanideChromium Oxide Greens, and Chromium Hydroxide Green.

The major health concerns were persistence and bioaccummulation, which means the they’re chemicals that don’t leave your system easily and accummulate in your body.

And the minor environmental concern with some the chemicals (click on the individual names above to read more about each one) was ecotoxicity. Ecotoxicity is the results of ecotoxology – a study of the toxic effects, caused by synthetic and natural pollutants, on the ecosystems, animals, and humans. It’s a look at the big picture, and what chemicals are affecting the world beyond your bathroom.

I will say I was very proud of Glossier listing all their products’ ingredients online, with some brands I can’t find the ingredients on the package or online. And the only way for us to be informed consumers is to have access to what is in our daily beauty products!

Many of you may be wondering why I will still test these products out, and I live a 70/30 safer beauty life. I’m still processing products that are harmful to me out of my life. I have drawn the line where I will not use a product if one of it’s ingredients is a carcinogen, I won’t compromise my health when I already have cancer in my family’s medical history. 

It’s all about making small choices that lead to a healthier life!

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